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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Renuvion Cosmetic Technology by APYX Medical.

Reach The Unreachable With Video Brochures

Are you looking for a marketing strategy that will grab your potential customer’s attention and showcase what you sell in a modern, highly interesting way? One that produces outstanding ROI? And one that will finally boost sales the way you’ve always wanted?

Well, HD Video Brochures and Video Mailers do that. And, they’ll help you reach the unreachable. Seriously… Check out this testimonial from one of our clients — a salesperson from Cornerstone OnDemand.

“I have been trying to get a hold of (this) company for months now with no luck. Then I sent their CEO the video brochure mailer and he all of the sudden called me to set up an appointment! Yay!”

We’ve had clients tell us they experienced a 66% response rate after we distributed theirs. We’ve also had one tell us they enjoyed a 70% increase in sales after theirs went out. Pretty amazing, right? Your company could enjoy the same.

The Power of Videos and Direct Mail

If you’re a marketer who understands how powerful videos are, have you thought about distributing yours in person or via direct mail?

As you probably know, consumers love them. Decision-makers also tend to respond to them more often than other forms of communication.

To your advantage, doing so will enable your videos to connect with your target audience in a way that will help them feel a presence with your brand. Plus, if you let them see inside your operation, it’ll help them get a genuine feel for what your company has to offer.

At the same time, since videos are super popular, you’ll be able to enjoy the confident feeling of knowing they’ll draw attention and curiosity from your most-likely customers.

Moreover, direct mail blows away email marketing — one of the many reasons why Video Brochure Mailers are so much more effective than most other marketing strategies — and you’ll benefit from that as well. Plus, as previously stated, they’ll help you reach the unreachable, meaning clients who typically ghost you.

And if that isn’t enough… To look at this from a different angle, every person who learns something new learns by watching, listening or experiencing whatever it is they’re learning…or a combination of all three. Uniquely, videos have the power to accomplish them all.

Example of an HD Video Brochure

By the slim chance you aren’t familiar with them, here’s an example of a Video Brochure we created for a client.

Case Study: Renuvion Cosmetic Technology by APYX Medical

APYX Medical is a leading cosmetics company. With their innovations and processes, they leverage decades of experience in plasma technologies and unique waveforms to meet the changing cosmetic needs of today’s consumers. Their primary focus is to provide transformative solutions that enhance physician’s practices and the patients they serve, and they’re continually striving to innovate and reduce recovery times as much as possible.

One of the medical procedures they’re best known for is a revolutionary procedure called Renuvion — a process that tightens and rejuvenates loose skin without the need for invasive surgery. It doesn’t require extended downtime, and leaves little to no scarring.

Unfortunately, as revolutionary as it was, their salespeople were struggling to get meetings with dermatologists to sell it after it was first introduced. Despite it being cutting-edge, the traditional print materials they were dropping off simply weren’t drawing much response. Even dermatologists they had sold to in the past weren’t responding.

However, after they discovered Video Brochures and partnered with us to create attention-grabbing units, things changed quickly. During the drop offs, they simply asked the receptionists to watch the videos and then share the Video Brochures with the doctors when they were available, and the new strategy validated their beliefs when it worked instantly.

Within no time, their results improved significantly. Their salespeople said they began receiving callbacks for more information “before we even got back to our office”, and Video Brochures have been a regular part of their marketing ever since.

Renuvion Video Brochure

Here’s a short clip of the Renuvion Video Brochure.

Get Top-Quality Direct Mail Video Brochures From MediaFast

Week in and week out, we confidently mail dozens of FREE samples of our Video Brochures and Video Mailers to potential clients. Why? Because we’ve learned that they tend to appreciate the superior quality ours deliver. We’re also willing to let ours be compared to those of our competitors any time.

For example, here’s a testimonial from one of our clients — B. Holley at Keller Williams Real Estate: I’ve worked with Barbara at MediaFast for quite some time now. She has helped me so much to understand the most effective marketing channels for my clients in today’s digital, fast pace environment. We’ve seen fantastic results with the (video brochures). Highly, highly recommended!!!”

In addition, our HD Video Brochures have only a .05% malfunction rate (half a percent), which is far superior in our industry. We accomplish that by only using brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. We also include a full one-year warranty, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

After reading this, if you’d like to use HD Video Brochures to ensure your marketing gets the best results, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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