Reaching Your Audience through Audio/Visual Advertising

When getting a message out, print ads, billboards, and radio spots have been popular in the past, but each only utilizes either audio or visual learning – not both. Combining audio and visual techniques through videos has proven to be the most effective medium to reach an audience.


Quick Mailers literally deliver this service to your potential customers by creating a short DVD profile of your business’s product or service and mailing it to those within your target demographic. Here are a few reasons Quick Mailers have proven to be more effective than email campaigns or direct mail.

More Likely to Be Seen

How many times have you gotten something in the mail and thrown it directly into the trash? Today, email services make it even easier for consumers to avoid unwanted mail by automatically filtering through and placing unfamiliar mail directly in a separate “spam” folder. It is likely that your efforts to find the addresses and email addresses of your potential customers will go to waste.


However, studies have shown that when something is sent as a package, such as a DVD, it is much more likely to be opened. Once it is opened, curiosity can lead people to view the DVD and find out what the message is.

Higher Retention and Recall

Your ad is meaningless if no one who sees it can remember the message it relayed. This is why advertisers print the same ad in magazines and broadcast the same spot on the radio over and over again. 35% of information is retained from visual media while only 10% is retained from strictly audio. If the message isn’t repeated, no one will remember it.


However, studies have shown that when audio and visual technology is combined to create a commercial, retention and recall increase to 65%.


Through Quick Mailers, not only is your message more likely to be seen and remembered, it is also more easily shared with friends and family through social media. Call us at 1-888-756-8890 and allow us to get your message directly to your audience with Quick Mailers!