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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for The Caliber Process.

Screen In Print Brochures Will Get Your Messages Seen and Heard

Screen in print brochures will inform your target audience about your business. They’ll get your voice in the same room with them, and in the COVID-19 environment we live in, that’s powerful.

Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges In Business

It has become very clear that last year’s COVID-19 challenges will carry forward to 2022. Basically, our collective desire to engage our target audiences face-to-face in meaningful conversations remains difficult. With flights being canceled, people out sick, and others staying home due to fear and worry… obstacles in business exist. Without making this political, that’s all understandable.

In addition, the constant distractions in the media about possible shutdowns and further restrictions due to the Omicron variant has our audiences captivated. How can we get their attention is the question everyone continues to ask.

Well, before the pandemic, we had tried and true formulas. For instance, travel for in-person visits resulted in time face-to-face with prospective clients. Critical first quarter conventions made it easy to meet and greet new contacts. Then sales funnels would get full, and eventually pipeline sales would occur.

Unfortunately, those traditional methods had to be shelved in 2020 and 2021. Mindsets shifted. Strategies had to change. What resulted was barrages of email blasts, phone calls (dialing for dollars) escalated, and countless voicemails were left — all often without responses coming back. Needless to say, communication was and will continue to be a challenge.

So, what can you do differently to make things better for your company?

The Power Of Screen In Print Brochures

Here is some good news: Our screen in print brochures overcome those challenges.

  • Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes open doors for salespeople.
  • Recipients feel like marketers who use them are brilliant.
  • They get watched individually and in groups.
  • They get shared and responded to more often than other types of marketing media.
  • Recipients feel compelled to respond to them.
  • Videos are the most effective form of communication next to in-person visits.
  • They’re sticky, tangible media that prospects actually enjoy receiving.
  • Basically, they’re like TV commercials people can hold in their hands.

With our Video In Print Marketing Products, you can overcome the communication challenges of 2022 and blow your competitors away!

Screen In Print Brochures In Action

More than likely, you’re already familiar with Video Brochures. They’ve been around for about a decade now, and even though they’re still novel, their extraordinary effectiveness has made them super popular.

With that said, here is a video showing some that we’ve created for clients in action.

Case Study: QuintEvents

QuintEvents is one of the leading travel and event package companies in America. For anyone looking for custom travel experiences, they’re the right people to contact for package deals. In addition to believing in cherished memories and moments shared together, they help their clients enjoy incomparable once-in-a-lifetime experiences made affordable through their official partnerships.

With that said, to improve their marketing, they collaborated with us to create an LCD Video Brochure Mailer with a 9×12” screen and an integrated folder to hold tickets and other printed materials. The purpose was to give their clients specific details about the events they’d be attending as well as information about their travel itineraries, and the feedback they received was outstanding. Not only did they help escalate their number of positive reviews, but they also influenced more repeat business and referrals.

Needless to say, they’ve continued using them because of their positive results. On top of that, now they reorder annually and in bulk while using attractive, unchanging design to reduce costs since we can upload their custom videos into however many units they tell us they need for each event and/or client.

Marketing With Screen In Print Products Is Highly Effective

In addition to handing them out at trade shows, conferences, retail events, and in-person office visits, Custom Video Brochures are extremely effective when mailed. If you’ve ever received one, you know what I mean.

For example, I remember the first time I held a Video Brochure. I was impressed just looking at it. I mean, with thick, glossy paper… it exuded class. The design was clean and attractive, making the company advertised in it look like a million bucks. Then, when I opened it, I was speechless. Suddenly, a video screen appeared. Then, without me touching anything, a video started playing almost immediately. It was an advertisement for Maserati, and when the engine roared as it was cranked and then music began to play, I was blown away. What a commercial… and I was holding it in my hands!

Honestly, I’ll never forget that experience. As a marketer and someone who has worked in business most of their life, the way they outperform other marketing materials is priceless.

After reading this, if you’d like your company to experience the outstanding ROI screen in print Video Marketing Products produce, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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