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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Sotheby's.

Sell More Real Estate With Video Brochures

Video brochures make selling most products easier, and they can definitely do the same for real estate.

With the help of videos, video brochures save time, eliminate inconveniences, and sometimes even make sales themselves.

How video brochures make selling real estate easier

Real estate is a valuable commodity, and time is valuable for all parties.

In real estate sales, it is common for buyers to want to evaluate properties multiple times as they consider all of their options. Usually, each time that happens, the current owners have to leave their homes so potential buyers can look around and discuss their thoughts without anyone else around. For sellers, this can sometimes be inconvenient, especially if they have kids. It can also be inconvenient for real estate agents because they have to accompany their clients each time they look over properties.

Since buying real estate is usually a life changing affair, it only makes sense for buyers to take the time necessary to find a property they feel is right for them. With that said, videos illustrating details about properties can often save time and eliminate inconveniences because they make it possible for buyers to get the information they need without having to revisit a property multiple times.

Video brochures can be life-changing for real estate agents

Selling real estate can be a lucrative profession. To sell properties faster and more often, using video brochures can be life-changing for real estate agents for the following reasons:

  1. With video brochures, real estate agents can advertise to sellers and buyers.
  2. When videos about properties are available, people usually don’t have to repeat the same information about them over and over again.
  3. People usually prefer watching videos to learn about things over reading text or looking at motionless images.
  4. Virtual tours make it possible for there to be fewer “live” visits to properties, which results in time saved for all parties.
  5. Less time spent working on each sell means more time available for agents to work on other sales.

In addition to these benefits, brokers have experienced great results using video brochures to market to other real estate agents who they would like to add to their team.

Video brochures make selling most products easier

For salespeople, when they have state-of-the-art sales tools to help sell their products, they usually feel more confident and relaxed. Video brochures allow them to talk less and listen more, which potential clients usually appreciate, and they definitely help them and their companies stand out from competitors.

Another benefit for companies who use video brochures is that they are better able to maintain control over how their brand gets presented. This can help their salespeople perform better, and it can definitely boost their company’s image as well.

Also, videos engage more senses in viewers to make messages more memorable, which results in more effective marketing, and video brochures allow companies to sell without salespeople having be involved throughout the entire process. In fact, video brochures even sometimes make sales themselves.

If you are interested in using video brochures or any of our other marketing products to help your company make sales, contact us today.

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