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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for Blendtec.

Sell More Retail with Point of Purchase Displays

In retail sales, using point of purchase displays, also known as POP displays, can skyrocket sales.

In the digital age we live in, consumers still enjoy getting out of their homes and shopping in stores as opposed to making the majority of their purchases online. Now, with the addition of videos to point of purchase displays, the retail experience is even further enhanced.

Here are reasons why point of purchase displays will continue to produce well in 2018.

Point of Purchase Displays escalate impulse purchases

Companies who spend time and money developing point of purchase displays understand buyer psychology and how big of a part it plays in a retail experience.

Location is often key to the success of point of purchase displays, and numerous studies have revealed product placement definitely effects how well items sell. For example, shaving gel is usually close to razors, and pet toys are usually close to pet food in retail stores.

While POP displays located throughout stores in various locations are highly effective, the ones located near check out stations often do best. For example, batteries, gum, candy, and pens usually sell well in point of purchase displays near cash registers, and many items seen on late-night infomercials sell increasingly when placed in POP displays near check out locations as well.

People may not need those items, but they buy them because the impulse becomes too powerful to resist. Or, maybe they want them but they had forgotten only to be reminded by the POP display strategically positioned in an ideal location.

Regardless, impulse purchases account for thousands of purchases on a daily basis. Stronger impulses are felt in retail stores, and point of purchase displays escalate impulse purchases by consumers.

POP Displays help products stand out from competitors

In retail stores, competing products are usually displayed together in sections on shelves. Because of this, they have a tendency to diminish each other’s value and sometimes even create confusion in consumers as they try to decide which product they think is best.

Utilizing a point of purchase display is an excellent way to make a product stand out from competitors. The increased exposure provides a way for a product to promote itself while enhancing perceived value, and sales tend to increase with most products as a result.

Also, while it can be difficult for lesser known brands to compete with big brands, a point of purchase display provides a way for them to get noticed and be selected by consumers more often.

Attractive POP Displays improve a shopping experience

The in-person experience is an advantage retail stores hold over online shopping. While people love their digital devices, they still want to see and experiencing things live and in-person.

Point of purchase displays can be designed with attractive images of people interacting with products. They can also be designed with images showing the benefits of products as well as their value.

To make them even better, videos are now being added to POP displays. Using videos has become one of the best ways to successfully reach and influence consumers, and people are naturally attracted to videos. Research indicates consumers feel companies who use videos know how to better connect with them, and videos sometimes even make sales themselves.

What’s more, with how popular videos are today, people have a hard time ignoring them when they’re being played. In a retail environment, videos can add life and provide amusement to boost a shopper’s experience as well.

Point of Purchase Displays help sell more retail

In stores, shoppers are much more likely to stop and watch videos than they are to read written text or look at motionless images. Also, the vast majority of consumers feel videos demonstrating products and services make a much stronger impact on them.

With or without videos, point of purchase displays are highly effective at making sales. At just the right moment, a point of purchase display can grab a shopper’s attention and ultimately motivate them to make a purchase. That very moment may be a seller’s last opportunity to convert them into a buyer.

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