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Prospect watching a video in a video brochure.

Sell More With Video Brochures

Did you know you could easily sell more of your products and services with video brochures? It’s true, and companies all over the world are proving it.

Video brochures have been known to stop prospects in their tracks, and sometimes they even make sales themselves. They also help salespeople get past receptionists (gatekeepers) and they often shorten sales cycles.

For anyone wondering how to make a sales job easier, video brochures are the answer.

Video brochures get the attention of decision makers

One of the biggest challenges faced by salespeople is getting meetings with actual decision makers. Many decision makers have “gatekeepers” who screen salespeople for them, or they mistakenly consider all salespeople the same and don’t want to listen to them unless they initiate the dialog themselves.

Video brochures can be a real game-changer. When a salesperson drops off a video brochure, the impressive piece of technology usually ensures they get into the hands of a VIP. Video brochures are viewed as novelty items and don’t get thrown away or set aside like many other sales tools. As an added bonus, recipients tend to watch them in groups because they are so innovative and new. Once that happens, the normal sales cycle becomes shorter and selling becomes easier.

Another advantage video brochures create is they make it easier to secure follow up appointments since they have to be picked back up.

For salespeople, what might be the biggest obstacle is getting purchase approval from other decision makers who were not present for any of their sales presentations. For example, many companies are led by multiple owners or husbands and wives who make decisions together. Understandably, getting the approval of all decision makers is critical for success. Unfortunately, it is common for other decision makers to choose against making purchases because they receive information in a second hand way. Video brochures provide the perfect way to offset that by engaging other decision makers with high quality videos.

Video brochures can make average salespeople great

Video brochures help salespeople feel more confident. Not only do they improve a company’s image, but they also present messages to potential buyers in one of the most effective ways — through the power of videos.

With the advantages video brochures provide, salespeople can operate without feeling as much pressure, which usually makes them more effective. They also allow salespeople to talk less and listen more. Potential customers like salespeople who are good listeners who don’t talk so much, and often they prefer to buy from them rather than salespeople who are too “salesy”.

However, with all of that said, one of the major advantages companies gain from having their salespeople use video brochures is that they get to control how their products and services are presented. Studies have shown people remember what they see and hear in videos significantly more than what they only read, only hear, or only see. Videos engage more senses and connect with viewers emotionally.

Video brochures are practically TV commercials that salespeople can give to targeted recipients as a way to gain their attention and impress them. For companies, video brochures simply make their salespeople better.

Using video brochures leads to more sales

Marketing strategies often determine how successful companies become. Video brochures are modern, affordable and have proven to be extremely successful in marketing.

When potential buyers are interested, engaged and impressed, sales become easier to make. Video brochures peak interest, engage more senses, and impress potential buyers. For anyone who has held one and felt its effects, it’s easy to understand why they are well worth the money.

MediaFast Video Brochures Are Worth The Money

Companies and salespeople all over the world have found that video brochures are definitely worth the money it costs to have them, and they’re affordable.

In addition to sales, video brochures are excellent for fundraising, networking, recruiting, training, branding and many other purposes.

To learn more about video brochures and how they can boost sales for your company, contact us today.

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