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This is a MediaFast video box for #BeBold.

Send A Video Box For Holiday Gifts & Promotions

It’s that time of year again, and a video box for holiday gifts and promotions might just be the perfect product for your company.

Right about now is when owners and marketers in most companies are making plans for their Christmas party and seasonal marketing campaign. Often, the number one choice for holiday gifts and promotions is something that isn’t even an actual product made by their company (like gift cards or baskets filled with treats, for example). This year, we think it would be awesome if they would try something different.

What a video box would say to your key clients and associates

What we have in mind is this – a video box filled with product samples and items with your company’s branding accompanied by a custom video that will play on an LCD screen when the box is opened. Now that would be an exciting, personal and unique gift!

Here at MediaFast, we think this would be an excellent holiday gift and a great way to promote your company. A beautifully designed, custom video box delivered to your key clients and associates would produce a “wow factor” and surely impress each and every one of them. The moment they open it and the HD LCD screen starts playing your video wishing them happy holidays and a prosperous new year will be something they’ll always remember. You could also personalize each video and the content in each video box for your recipients to further enhance the experience for them.

It’s a brilliant way to build relationships with your existing and future clients, as well as your company associates, and we believe they’ll love your efforts to give them something unique this holiday season.

What a video box would do for your company

A video box is a new and exciting option for packaging and marketing. To ensure your messages and samples get seen, heard, and remembered, there may not be a better option.

At MediaFast, we pride ourselves on presenting our clients with cutting-edge video marketing solutions as well as innovative packaging options to promote every aspect of their business. The more visually stimulating our products can be, the better they are for our clients (without overdoing it). By combining video with print media, we are able to provide state-of-the-art solutions resulting in powerful benefits for our clients.

By choosing a video box for holiday gifts and promotions equipped with the latest printing and finishing techniques, we are certain the recipients of our clients will feel their love and gratitude for them. And, if the recipients aren’t already clients or associates of our clients, the chances of them becoming so will substantially increase.

A video box is a great way to send samples and gifts

A video box can also be referred to as a video gift box, a video sample box, a video player box, a video box mailer or a screen-in box.

Regardless of what it’s called, a video box is outstanding for grabbing attention and helping companies stand apart from their competitors. Simply put, they’re stunning, eye-catching marketing pieces that usually return excellent ROI. Additionally, our clients have been thrilled with the results they’ve received from using them.

The greatest benefit of using a video box is it provides companies a way to distribute their samples and gifts in an extraordinarily appealing way. Also, by offering a complete mailing solution with them, we enable our clients to remain focused on what they do best while we work to save them time and money.

To learn more about a video box, or any of our other video marketing products, contact us today.

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