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Send Holiday Gifts In a Video Box

This year’s holiday season is quickly approaching and it is now time for companies to decide how they will send holiday gifts to customers and prospects. To make the greatest impact, we suggest using a video box.

As you can see, they might be the perfect way for companies to make an outstanding impression because they’re classy, attention-grabbing, and great for marketing.

What a video box says to recipients

When a company sends gifts to customers, it acknowledges their value and tells them they’re appreciated. However, when gifts are sent in a video box, it says so much more. Literally, a lot can be said when the video plays as soon as the box is opened. What might make the greatest impact though is that someone thought highly enough of them to send a gift so classy, unusual, and expensive looking like a video box (they’re probably less expensive than you’d think).

If you’ve ever opened one yourself, you know how impressive they can be. The moment the video starts playing, especially if it was custom made for them, it typically becomes a moment they’ll always remember. The best way to describe it is impressive, stunning, surprising, and emotionally captivating. The two things recipients normally want to do after opening one is to open it again and then take it around showing it to co-workers and friends.

For companies, sending a video box is a brilliant way to build relationships with existing and future clients. Not only does it ensure the presentation of their gifts will help recipients feel special, but it also has a way of increasing gratitude. Truly, for companies looking for a way to make an extraordinary impression, presenting gifts in a video box provides an ideal strategy.

This holiday season, send your samples or gifts in a video box

This holiday season, tell your customers and prospects how awesome they are by sending your gifts in a video box. They’re less expensive than you might think, and the ROI companies have experienced with them has been excellent.

To make it easy so our clients can remain focused on what they do best, we offer a complete mailing solution. Also, if you’re concerned about what to include in your video, follow these tips: What Makes A Great Video For Video Marketing  (By the way, even if this particular video isn’t used primarily for marketing, these tips will help when making a video for any purpose).

To learn more about a video box or any of our other marketing products, contact us today.

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