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This is a MediaFast video box for Domo with a pair of Stance socks included inside.

Send Samples and Gifts in a Custom Video Box

To make the greatest impact with your samples and gifts, one of the best ways is to present them in a custom video box to your prospects. Not only will you “WOW” them with the presentation, but you’ll also unleash the power of videos to engage and impress them even more.

Examples of custom video boxes created by MediaFast

As you can see, custom video boxes are classy, attention-grabbing, and great for marketing. If you think about it, what recipient wouldn’t be impressed by receiving something like one of those? On top of that, what recipient could resist paying attention to it and its contents?

What a custom video box tells recipients

Sending gifts to customers acknowledges their value and tells them they’re appreciated, which goes a long way with respect to customer service and earning repeat business. To make an even greater impact, sending gifts and/or samples in a custom video box says it even better.

Why is that true? Because videos have the ability to say and show a lot in a short period of time. They’re far more effective than written words or motionless images, and people actually enjoy watching them (usually).

Furthermore, what might have the greatest affect is that someone thought highly enough of them to send a gift so classy, unusual, and expensive looking. Video boxes are extremely unique. They’re not common, and they’re not something most companies ever use to try to earn someone’s business or strengthen a relationship. If you’ve ever opened one, you know exactly how novel and impressive they are.

What tends to happen when someone opens a video box and the video starts playing, especially if it was custom made for them, is they feel captivated immediately. They’re caught off guard (in a good way) and feel a combination of surprised, impressed, and extremely interested. The two things recipients normally do soon after opening a video box is take it around and show it to co-workers, friends, and anyone else that might be nearby. They also make a great effort to show it to other decision-makers and people who influence them. As those people experience the same feelings, and the greatest difference might be made as sellers work to earn their business.

For companies, sending a video box with a gift and/or samples is a brilliant way to make contact with prospects and/or strengthen current relationships. Interestingly, not only will it help them feel special, but it also has a way of creating a feeling of gratitude. For companies looking for an extraordinary way to make a significant impact, sending custom video boxes is an ideal solution.

Make a powerful impact by sending a custom video box

When companies are ready to make a powerful statement to their prospects or current customers in an effort to let them know how much their business is valued, sending gifts and/or samples in a custom video box might be an unbeatable way to do it. They’re less expensive than most people think, and the ROI we’ve seen with them has proven to be outstanding.

Also, for anyone wondering about distributing them, we offer a complete mailing solution with video boxes and all of our other video marketing products so our customers can remain focused on what they do best.

To learn more about a video box or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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