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This is a MediaBuk video brochure.

Share MediaBuk Video Brochures, Feel More Joy

We sold more MediaBük Video Brochures this past week than any other week before. Several factors probably contributed to it, but the biggest reason is because video brochures work.

Whether used for sales, fundraising, exposure, training, recruiting, branding or sharing testimonials, video brochures are excellent. They’re cutting edge, state-of-the-art, attention grabbing, captivating, and dynamic. As a result, they can be used in business for many different purposes.

And now, with the availability of different MediaBük versions, they’re excellent for personal use as well.

MediaBuk – superb for business and personal use

One of the bigger MediaBük sales we made last week was to a mother who was looking for a better way to record, store and share her son’s high school graduation. True, camcorders are awesome and videos can be saved on computers for years. However, she wanted something nicer to commemorate his accomplishments.

For the majority of people, senior year is “their year”. They’re usually more mature than many of the people they’re around, and often their competition in extracurricular activities isn’t as challenging. Also, it’s the final chance for most young people to act and feel predominantly like kids. After high school, the weights of responsibility increase and young adults aren’t afforded the same level of easiness in many respects.

Every high school graduation is the result of a lot of hard work by both parents and graduates. High school graduation is an exciting chapter in the ongoing story of family’s lives together, and it’s an ideal time to celebrate accomplishments, share memories, and look forward to the future.

Senior year, especially graduation season, is an emotional time packed with important life decisions and calendars full of commitments. To store and share videos of those memories, Graduation MediaBük is superb.

Whether recording the actual graduation day and night, which might include a valedictorian speech or other honorary moment highlighting a youthful accomplishment, or saving video footage recorded throughout the year, Graduation MediaBük offers families a way to store and share those special memories in one classy place.

We have also created MediaBük versions for other special events like weddings, holidays and funerals. Several different versions for business have been introduced as well. To learn more, follow this link: The Many Different Versions of MediaBük.

Get MediaBuk Video Brochures only from MediaFast

Effectively, MediaBük video brochures are customizable video brochures people can purchase in ANY quantity at an affordable price and receive in only a few days.

We invented MediaBük video brochures after receiving many calls from potential customers asking if they could buy video brochures in smaller quantities at a more affordable price. Also, many were hoping we could find a way for them to receive their video brochures sooner than the normal two week time frame it takes to order, manufacture and deliver them (all brand new video brochures come from China).

To make this possible, first we realized the only way would be to have a stockpile of video brochures pre-made without being customized during the manufacturing process. Second, we would need to store them in the United States so they could be delivered faster. And third, they would have to be easy for customers to customize after they received them.

After many hours of brainstorming, testing and development, we found a way to make it happen. Early in 2017, MediaBük video brochures were made available for purchase. They’ve become increasingly popular ever since, and we love hearing all of the success stories customers have to share as a result of using them.

To get your MediaBük video brochures or to learn more about our The Many Different Versions of MediaBük, contact us today.

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