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Should You Focus On Marketing ROI or ROE — Return On Experience

At a convention recently, we were asked an interesting question: Does marketing ROI or ROE — return on experience — matter the most? It opened our eyes to a great way to think about results, and it stuck with us. To explain more, here are our thoughts.

Return On Investment Versus Return On Experience

What really equates to success? Is it return on investment? Or return in experience?

For instance, as a marketer, when you put your messages out there, your company needs them to produce a return on the money spent. As we know, marketing has the ability to make or break a company, and as you use your creative juices to create marketing that’ll grab attention and hold it, it feels EXHILARATING when it works well and you get recognized for it.

But… isn’t the experience it gives your target audience and your salespeople really what produces the return? We think yes, and focusing on the experiences that marketing creates can make it more productive.

For example, we recently had a customer use Video Boxes to launch a new line of cosmetics. When their targeted prospects received them, they got so excited that they made videos of what it was like to open the boxes, watch the videos, and then pull out the samples that were included. What made it all even better was that some of the videos they posted on their social media went viral, meaning the marketing was a grand slam home run to say the least!

Videos Create Emotional Experiences

People get excited when they feel emotions, especially during experiences. Rather than using words to explain this concept and how it relates to marketing, I’ll use one video and one motionless image.

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After looking at those, doesn’t the video simply do a much better job? That’s a rhetorical question 😁 . Obviously, it’s phenomenally more effective…

Video Activated Marketing Products Boost Return On Experience

According to PPC Protect, consumers in 2021 averaged being exposed to over 6,000 marketing messages per day. If that’s true, that’s a lot!

Anyway, most people have learned to tune the majority of them out. At the same time, if you work in marketing, your goal is to overcome that challenge while getting consumers to actually listen to your messages and respond.

To accomplish that, Video Activated Marketing Products have proven to be the perfect solution. Here’s why:

  1. Videos enable companies to get their messages in the same room as their targeted prospects.
  2. Videos feel more appealing to consumers than motionless content.
  3. Decision-makers seek out videos when trying to find ways to improve their companies.
  4. Videos are now the most preferred learning method.
  5. Most people simply don’t read much anymore, nor do they want to.
  6. By combining images with sound and motion, videos have the ability to say and show more in less time.
  7. Presenters and the companies they represent in videos connect better mentally with viewers.
  8. Videos help consumers by showing products and services being used in real life circumstances.
  9. Videos arouse emotions, which is why they draw a better response to advertisements from viewers.
  10. According to an article from Marketing Dive, 85% of consumers are more likely to buy something they’re already thinking about buying after watching a video about it.

And if those reasons aren’t enough, here’s another one: Being the recipient of marketing media that includes videos feels exciting. If you want to make yourself and your company unforgettable, we suggest you drop any antiquated marketing tactics you’ve been using and use them instead.

Get Excellent Video Marketing Products From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we’ve seen how Video Marketing Products like Video Brochures and Point of Purchase Displays with videos produce excellent results. Video Mailers and Video Boxes do as well.

The main reason for their success is that marketing messages presented in videos are more appealing to consumers. Also, decision-makers seek them out, which means videos are often the best way to actually engage them.

So, why are ours excellent? Because only use brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we consistently give our customers the greatest value for the marketing dollars they spend with us.

Also, we send FREE samples of Video Brochures, Video Mailers, and Video Boxes to prospects who request them. The reason is because we want our potential customers to experience the superior quality that our products deliver. Then, when they’re comparing ours to our competitors, they’ll understand the price difference between high quality and low quality versions isn’t always significant. However, what usually results is a significant difference in customer satisfaction.

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase any of the Video Marketing Products we sell so your company can benefit from the ROE they produce, or get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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