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Show Your Value Proposition With Video Marketing

When making a purchasing decision, a value proposition presented by a company is often what makes the greatest impact on consumers. It is basically a promise of value, and it tells a company’s prospects why they should buy their product or service instead of one from their competitors.

In modern times, video marketing has become a popular marketing strategy used by many companies. Value propositions, when presented right in videos as well as in print on product packaging, can help companies outclass competitors and reach higher levels of success.

Aspects of an effective value proposition

An effective value proposition is specific in the following ways:

  1. It presents a main reason someone should buy a specific product or service
  2. It presents how the product or service will solve a problem or improve circumstances
  3. It separates a product or service from what competitors offer

The more attention an effective value proposition receives from most likely customers, the more sales it tends to create. Less popular companies benefit greatly from having effective value propositions, and with them, they give themselves a better chance to reap the rewards of being more popular in their industry and profiting from repeat business.

Examples of an effective value proposition

An effective value proposition must be truthful. It should also be presented in terminology common people will understand. After watching, reading or hearing it, people should be able to explain it easily to others. On the other hand, if a value proposition includes hype that is unbelievable or terminology that isn’t common, it tends to do more harm than good.

Here are examples of effective value propositions:

  • “Repairs split ends in just one hour” is much better than “Makes hair look better than ever”
  • “Tastes great with fewer calories than most white wines” is better than “The perfect choice for wine drinkers”
  • “#1 Award-Winning Business Software Suite Used By Clients Around The World” is better than “Fully Integrated Business Software”
  • “Reduce your energy bill by up to 90% with Solar” is better than “The best Solar company in the market”
  • “Great deals on NFL Throwback Jerseys” is better than “Sports apparel on sale now”
  • “Effortlessly manage your cash flow, budgets, and bills from one place” is better than “The ideal money management system”

These propositions are all examples of specific ways in which the products or services being referred to will benefit customers. They also present a dominant reason for them to be selected by shoppers.

On average, companies have about five seconds to grab the attention of shoppers and engage them before they decide to move on to other options. When effective value propositions like the ones above are communicated, shoppers often select the products or services being referred to in them.

Video marketing is an excellent way to present a value proposition

Images communicate much faster than words. Furthermore, combining images with motion and sound makes communication even better.

The secret to the success of videos is fairly easy to describe. Basically, they combine images with sound and motion to grab attention, arouse emotions, say and show precise information in less time, and require less effort from viewers to absorb. As a result, most people prefer watching videos over reading or listening to various types of content.

As an example, an effective value proposition for video marketing would be: “Videos are versatile, efficient, loved by people, and generate excellent ROI when used in marketing.”

Some of the greatest benefits of video marketing are that it increases sales, produces considerable ROI, builds trust, improves SEO, is appreciated by mobile users, can explain almost anything, prompts even lazy consumers to take action, and is easy for people to share with other decision-makers and prospects.

To learn more about video marketing or any of the marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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