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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Renuvion Cosmetic Technology by APYX Medical.

Showcase Portfolios With Video Brochures

The ideal portfolio shows the best of what someone or something has to offer, and video brochures make them look even better.

For anyone looking to highlight their talents or skills, or even an opportunity of some kind, we couldn’t recommend a better strategy.

The power of video brochures

When received, video brochures are practically impossible to ignore. The very moment someone receives one, they separate themselves from more traditional forms of marketing. They often make a greater impact in how much attention someone’s marketing efforts receive and a bigger difference in what kind of response they get.

Ultimately, though, the biggest impact is made with the video content included in a video brochure. Yes, video brochures look great and are impressive to hold. They also illustrate printed content very attractively. However, video content provides somewhat of a magic touch because it combines motion and sound with words and images to engage more senses in viewers. It also attracts attention. For example, if you’ve ever walked into a room with a video playing, it’s almost impossible to ignore even if you went into the room for some other reason. Then, if the video is interesting, it sometimes feels impossible to leave until it is over.

Additionally, video brochures make messages more memorable. On average, people remember about 10% of what they hear, 35% of what they see, and well over half of what they see and hear together. As a way to get noticed and leave a lasting impression, video brochures provide an alternative that is superior to most other forms of marketing.

The power of portfolios

Years ago, it seemed like only photographers and other artistic professionals had portfolios. Now, professionals in most industries can benefit from having one.

For people not in a particularly artistic field, a professional portfolio doesn’t have to be about showing images of themselves or their work. The real purpose is to provide tangible proof of their value. From describing project outlines and showcasing work samples to sharing letters of reference and customer reviews, a portfolio can document someones development and accomplishments in ways that make sense so they can accomplish their goals.

For personal and professional achievements, most people have to prove themselves eventually. They may get some help when it comes to finding opportunities, but the time seems to always come when they have to showcase their individual value if they want to “make it”.

For example, when companies choose employees, they are effectively choosing to “purchase” someone over someone else. Other examples similar to this are when college teams choose players to offer scholarships to; when people choose vacation destinations over other possible locations; when people choose between photographers or investment managers; when companies choose models to represent their products or services; etc.

Effectively, people should think of their professional portfolio as a marketing brochure for the services they’re selling. By showcasing their skills, abilities, value and achievements, their portfolio will help their customers and prospects understand what benefits come along with them when they are being compared to others.

As a way to enhance a portfolio, presenting it with video content will help it become more attractive, add an aspect of entertainment, and make who or what is being represented more memorable.

MediaFast offers outstanding video brochures for portfolios

MediaFast video brochures are reliable, guaranteed, and not over-priced. They are available in different sizes, shapes, versions and quantities. They produce outstanding ROI for most companies who use them as well.

By choosing to work with us, our customers get to work with leaders in the marketing industry. We know when to cut corners to save time and money and when not to cut corners at all to preserve quality and optimize results. We feel like our customers are partners, and our goal is always to provide the best possible marketing solutions for them.

For anyone who wants the best value when purchasing video brochures, choosing MediaFast is the right choice.

To learn more about video brochures or our other marketing products, contact us today.

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