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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Food Service Direct.

Size Does Matter With Video Brochures

Does size matter with video brochures? Yes and no, and we’ll explain in this blog. Then, after having more information, hopefully it will help you choose what might be best for your company.

Why size does matter with video brochures

In video brochures, screen size and memory size have a significant affect on the price per unit.

When considering screen size, it is best to focus on the number of pixels because pixels directly impact image quality. The more pixels, the higher the cost. The bigger the screen, the more pixels are required to get a finer image quality.

Throughout the video brochure industry, a 4.3 inch screen seems to be the preferred choice. It provides excellent image quality without requiring a high number of pixels, thus keeping the price down, and most people are completely satisfied with this screen size when watching a video in a video brochure. The next most common screen size is 7 inches. However, feedback indicates screen size does not affect ROI (more of this below).

When choosing memory size, it is best to know how long the video content will be on each unit.

Here are some standard memory sizes with the amount of video content they can typically hold: 128 MB (15 mins), 256 MB (30 mins), 512 MB (1 Hr), 1 GB (2 Hrs), 2 GB (4 Hrs), 4 GB (9 Hrs), 8 GB (18 Hrs).

Strategically, especially for marketing purposes, the most effective videos tend to be between 15 and 60 seconds. We live in an age when attention spans seem to be shorter than ever. When videos are longer, many people become disinterested or naturally lose focus. With this in mind, a sufficient amount of memory in video brochures used for marketing is usually one of the lower capacity options, and 1 GB is considered to be completely excessive. In contrast, informational videos used for teaching lessons or demonstrating how to do things tend to be longer. As a result, more memory is usually needed.

Weight can also have a major affect on postage if someone is planning to mail video brochures, which is a highly effective strategy (video mailers). The USPS has a flat rate for mailing packages anywhere in the United States if they are 15.9 ounces or lighter, regardless of size. However, the postage rate for any package weighing more than 15.9 ounces is zone specific, and in some zones, the rate can be as high as three times as much.

Why size does not matter with video brochures

When measuring ROI, feedback from our customers indicates size does not matter with video brochures. We haven’t met anyone who has been able to quantify which screen size generates the best ROI, and most feedback from viewers reveals having a bigger screen doesn’t make a video brochure better. As long as the screen size looks good with the entire unit and there is enough memory to hold the desired video content, then video brochures are extremely effective regardless of their size.

What we do know is videos grab attention and significantly improve marketing materials. People prefer watching videos over reading written content or looking at motionless images, especially when learning or looking for entertainment, and most people believe companies who use videos know better how to communicate with them. Also, videos have the ability to say more in less time.

As well, video brochures produce outstanding ROI. Just like with most things, state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge devices usually peak interest and increase effectiveness while also improving perceived value. Bigger isn’t always better, but staying modern and utilizing the best resources is (usually).

Get the best small or large video brochures from MediaFast

Video brochures come in sizes as small as business cards and as big as large notebooks. Also, we can sell them in large quantities or small quantities depending on a customer’s needs or budget.

They are outstanding in business when used for many different purposes, and we highly recommend companies use them sooner rather than later.

To learn more about video brochures or our other marketing products, contact us today.

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