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Small Quantity Orders

From one to any number you want!

This is a group of MediaBuk video brochures and video business cards.

Introducing MediaBük

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MediaBük makes LCD display brochures practical and affordable for everyone.

Prior to MediaBük, video brochures had to be ordered in bulk to make them affordable for most people. Also, after an order was placed, there was at least a two week wait before they arrived because of how long it takes to manufacture and ship them.

Those two reasons were our motivation for inventing a solution. Simply put, MediaBüks are customizable and people can purchase in ANY quantity at an affordable price and receive in only a few days.

Beat Competitors With MediaBük

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MediaBüks allow users to take advantage of the power of videos. They grab attention, impress recipients and deliver messages in an unforgettable manner.

If ordered Monday through Friday by 12:00 MST, they are mailed the same day from our warehouse in American Fork, Utah.

MediaBüks are very easy to customize after they are received, and you can use them almost immediately to blow away your competitors.


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With how much videos are used today, people are accustomed to seeing them regularly in business and in their personal lives. They are many people’s go-to way of learning, and they expect them to be readily available whenever they want information or hope to be entertained.

In business, companies who use audio visual to advertise often outperform their competitors according to the feedback we’ve received.

The combination of videos and printed media works brilliantly, and they are practically unbeatable for content marketing because they do so much more with less. Also, people love to record, share and relive personal memories, which makes these brochures excellent for personal reasons as well.

MediaBuk video brochure for Happy Holidays.
MediaBuk video brochure for graduations.
MediaFast video brochure for Disneyland.
MediaBuk video brochure for special memories.
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