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This is a Point of Purchase Display with a video screen made by MediaFast for LifeVantage.

Smart Marketers Make The Most of Videos In Point of Purchase Displays

If you work in marketing, by now you realize how important it is to make the most of videos. They get your creative juices flowing. You enjoy scripting and planning them. After recording, you probably enjoy editing them too. And then, once you’ve made the final version, the satisfaction you experience more than likely feels riveting since you know consumers respond so well to them.

But why is that? Well, in addition to enjoying what you do, it’s important to do work that is effective… and videos are definitely that. After all, most of us search for them when we’re trying to learn information, especially when we’re making major purchasing decisions.

Why It’s Necessary To Make The Most of Videos

For many of you, this section will feel like a review. It might even reinforce your confidence in the marketing strategy you’re relying on the most — as long as it includes videos. However, if you aren’t already using them, this will help you learn why you should.

8 reasons why marketing videos are extremely powerful:

  1. Facts tell, stories sell… and videos tell stories much better than motionless images or text.
  2. Videos boost conversions and sales.
  3. ROI with them is typically higher than other marketing strategies that don’t include them.
  4. Videos build trust.
  5. Consumers prefer not to read much anymore.
  6. Videos can explain anything, especially if animation is used.
  7. Even the laziest of consumers respond to the aroused emotions videos produce.
  8. Prospects who are hard-to-reach often make the time to watch video marketing.

If you already knew all of that, excellent! And if you’ve already been making the most of how effective videos are in marketing, that’s even better. On the other hand, if you haven’t, now you know why you should…

Why Videos In Point of Purchase Displays Increase Sales

Manufacturers and retailers benefit greatly by attracting and appealing to shoppers. Point of Purchase Displays with videos help them do that. Basically, they’re highly effective sales tools for consumer packaged goods, and they significantly impact the purchasing decisions of shoppers.

In addition, they’re amazing for introducing products and educating decision-makers. They’re also exceptional at encouraging them to try new products while inspiring them to continue using the ones they like.

All the while, for them to be the most effective, they need to be creative, unique, and well-executed. This is where videos have made the biggest difference in retail sales, and how they’ve helped marketers substantially improve their careers.

Basically, by including attention-grabbing videos, POP Displays show consumers the products and services they’re highlighting in action. That escalates trust, increases familiarity, and plants thoughts in their minds of them using those products and services themselves, which impacts their future purchasing decisions. As a marketer, anytime you make that happen, you’ll have done your job well.

Example of a Video In a Point of Purchase Display

This video shows more than just POP Displays, but you should have an easy time picking them out and seeing the impact they have on shoppers.

If You Want The Best POP Displays, Contact MediaFast

In today’s digital world, videos make all sorts of marketing tactics better. In POP Displays, they grab attention and motivate shoppers to make purchases. They also liven up the ambiance in stores and give retailers the boost in sales they hope to get from the marketing dollars they spend.

With that said, at MediaFast, we completely understand how a well designed Point of Purchase Display with a video will boost sales. We only use Grade A, brand new components to make them, and we include a full warranty with all of the products we sell.

If you’d like to make the most of videos being included in a Point of Purchase Display to improve sales in your store(s), or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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