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This is a group of USB flash drives made by MediaFast.

Smart Photographers Use Custom USB Flash Drives

Custom USB flash drives are practically essential for photographers in today’s digital world.

People want their photo albums and memories easily accessible with their electronic devices. For photographers, offering print-only services or DVDs is a thing of the past. Granted, some clients may still purchase printed photos. However, the demand for digital versions has led to an increase of printing services that produce high quality prints just like professional photographers at much lower costs. As a result, many clients just want to pay photographers for digital images.

To increase success, photographers need to know how to market their services and make customers feel happy about choosing them. After all, happy customers are often the best form of marketing.

With effective, clever marketing techniques like custom USB flash drives to deliver photos, photographers can give their customers the digital images they want on a branded electronic device they’ll keep around for years to come. Then, every time they see the USB flash drive, they’ll remember the photographer who gave it to them.

Smart professionals use custom USB flash drives

Promotional products are an excellent way for companies to market what they have to offer. It has been reported that 83% of consumers like receiving promotional gifts and 90% of people currently possess a promotional product of some sort.

The benefits companies enjoy by giving away promotional products are extensive, and they’re even more beneficial when the products are attractive and useful.

Custom USB flash drives can be very eye-catching, and they’re definitely useful. They provide an excellent way for users to store and share digital content and back up highly valuable information. Also, today’s consumers stream so much video and music that data space has become a commodity. When companies give away custom USB flash drives, it allows recipients to conserve the already limited space on their digital devices and cloud-based services.

Furthermore, it takes much longer to burn a DVD than it does to drag files onto a USB flash drive. Smart professionals don’t rely on outdated technology to power their marketing or their businesses.

Giving away custom USB flash drives has benefits

Custom USB flash drives are not expensive, and the money companies spend on them translates directly to increased brand awareness. Having their logo and other marketing information emblazoned on a USB flash drive helps ensure their brand will be remembered.

When designing custom USB flash drives, companies should unleash their creativity and design a marketing piece that will make their messages unforgettable. By going with packaging that enhances their branding and further embeds their products or services in the minds of others, they position themselves to receive the best ROI.

Important for photographers to consider

When planning a custom USB flash drive, there are some important points photographers should consider. For example, the size of the USB flash drive is important. If the size is too small, users won’t be able to fit as much data on the device as they might want, thus minimizing its marketing impact. If the size is too big, then more storage space will be paid for than necessary.

When determining which size to use, photographers should consider the types of events they photograph most often. Then, by focusing on their largest events, they can review those files to decide how much memory their USB flash drives will most likely need.

Also, the size and quality of photos photographers take should play a big part in choosing the size of memory. For example, high resolution images result in bigger files. Usually a 4 GB memory size should be enough, but it might be best to go with an 8 GB memory size just to be safe. When making this decision, it may help to know a single DVD can hold no more than 4.7 GB of images.

Please your customers with custom USB flash drives

The goal of marketing is to have customers become loyal and spread good words about what a company has to offer. This holds true for photographers as well. A custom USB flash drive can act as both a digital photo delivery device and a highly effective marketing tool at the same time.

Remember, every time people see a company’s USB flash drive, it helps make that company more memorable.

To learn more about custom USB flash drives or the products and services we offer, contact us today.

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