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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Wes Read, CPA, CFP.

So, You Want To Use A Video Presentation Mailer?

If you work in marketing, you’re probably well aware of Video Presentation Mailers. You know, the new-age brochures that are made from electronic components, attached to classy boardstock paper, and presented with videos inside them…

In case you aren’t familiar with them, check out the videos below.

Meanwhile, making the decision to use them is fantastic. Why? Because they’ll enable you to send your marketing videos directly to members of your target audience. Then, if they’re like most people, they won’t be able to resist watching them. In fact, they’ll be in awe. Then, more than likely, they’ll show them to others who impact their purchasing decisions, and your marketing will be a smash hit.

Example of a Video Presentation Mailer

By the slim chance you aren’t familiar with them, here’s an example of a Video Presentation Mailer… Also known simply as a Video Mailer.

Why Marketing Videos Are Extremely Effective

Thinking about videos, how much do you like them as a consumer? For instance, when it comes to learning about products and services, would you rather watch a video about them, or read extensive amounts of text and/or listen to audio?

How about when you’re learning how to perform a procedure? I mean, isn’t watching a video demonstration much easier than following written instructions? Okay, maybe not always, but often it is…and more times than not, in my opinion.

With that said, here are 8 reasons why marketing videos are extremely effective:

  1. You know the saying “Facts tell and stories sell?” Well, videos tell stories much better than motionless images, gobs of text, and even audio communication.
  2. In general, people don’t like to read much anymore.
  3. Videos combine images with sound and motion to say and show more in less time than most other forms of communication.
  4. Videos tend to build trust more effectively than motionless images, gobs of text, and even audio communication.
  5. Videos can explain practically anything, especially by using animation for complex concepts.
  6. By arousing emotions, videos prompt higher response rates from consumers.
  7. Decision-makers often seek them out, and even hard-to-reach prospects are more likely to respond to them. (See the testimonial below.)
  8. According to many studies like the ones done by Wyzowl, videos are highly effective at boosting sales.

And, if that isn’t enough, here’s a powerful testimonial.

“I have been trying to get a hold of (this) company for months now with no luck. Then I sent their CEO the video brochure mailer and he all of the sudden called me to set up an appointment! Yay!” — Salesperson from Cornerstone OnDemand

Another Example of a Video Presentation Mailer

In case you’d like to see another example, here’s a clip of a Video Mailer we made for a client.

Video Presentation Mailers Are Powerful Sales Tools

In today’s digital world, a key to success in marketing is using videos. As you probably already know, their effectiveness is why Video Marketing is the #1 strategy, and why ROI with them is super high.

To demonstrate, here are some questions with their answers in parentheses. Again, these answers are according to Wyzowl. Ready?

#1: What percentage of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase by watching a brand’s video? Answer = 88%.

#2: What percentage of marketers say using videos has helped them increase the overall understanding of the products and/or services they sell? Answer = 94%.

#3: What percentage of marketers say video has helped them generate more leads than the strategies they were previously using? Answer = 86%.

#4: What percentage of marketers say video has helped them boost sales? Answer = 81%.

#5: What percentage of consumers would like to see brands use more videos to connect with them in 2022? Answer = 88%.

Another Example of a Video Presentation Mailer

In case you’d like to see another, here you go.

Why Video Marketing Products Increase Sales

Companies have benefited greatly from the combination of videos with print marketing media. Because of the video content, they’re simply more appealing than postcards, flyers, pamphlets and traditional brochures. They’re also far more effective than email marketing, and they even tend to outproduce pay-per-click campaigns.

So, why is that? Well, because in addition to being more appealing, they’re also outstanding for introductions and educating consumers. Likewise, they have a way of encouraging them to try new products, and they’re exceptional for inspiring them to continue using ones they like.

With that said, the key to success with them is often just getting them watched by the right people. And, you guessed it, Video Marketing Products like Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Point-of-Purchase Displays with videos, and Video Boxes are exceptional at accomplishing that objective.

Get The Best Video Presentation Mailers From MediaFast

Considering how many marketing messages consumers get targeted with on a daily basis, making yours stand out from the rest is a worthy goal. Coincidentally, Video Presentation Mailers will make that happen.

For instance, recipients usually appreciate receiving them. Salespeople perform better with them. Marketing teams enjoy designing them, and they’re easy for decision-makers to share with others who impact their decisions.

With that said, we’ve helped hundreds of companies improve their marketing for over 30 years. We’re a leader in our industry. We offer complete design and creative services. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we don’t “nickel and dime” with our prices.

Plus, we offer a complete distribution service. And, to ensure the best quality, we only use brand new, Grade A components. Oh, and we include a one-year full warranty as well.After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Presentation Mailers so your company can benefit from their effectiveness, or to get a FREE Sample, contact us today.

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