The term ‘social media specialist’ is heard frequently these days, but many people may not know exactly what it means or what that kind of job would involve. A social media specialist would be a useful addition to any business or organization, as they know how to utilize social media as part of an SEO campaign or marketing push, something essential in the current digital world. Your company has to have a voice in the social media conversation in order to keep up with the competition and this requires utilizing all the major social networks. Examples of such networks would include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but there are several field specific social platforms as well.

Possibly the most important part of the whole social media process is having appropriate content and information.  What you put on your page or profile will represent your business to the masses and give a potential first impression.  A social media specialist can advise you as to the dos and don’ts of branding online and can help you prepare a plan to follow.  They can also actually write the content for you, as well as doing the posting.  This means you will have appropriate content put directly in the path of current and potential customers.


You choose the content, and your social media specialist will post daily about topics that are relevant to both your specific business and your overall field. Another service that is often offered is brand monitoring. It’s useful to monitor your own branding, as well as mentions of key people at your company, your company name, brand names, product services, competitors and industry keywords.  This allows you to be aware of what your competitors are doing, public opinion and also to fix any negative reviews.


So now you know! A social media specialist can change your whole online marketing experience and keep you up to date with the current trends.  Contact us for more information…