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A little over a year ago my bosses decided to expand our company and add a new division and product line for the commercial / industrial laundry industry. One of the parameters given to me in launching the product, is that whatever we send out needs to wow key decision-making individuals at the top level. The only way I knew how to deliver that over the top wow factor was through video media. After a lengthy search and rigors bidding process, our company decided to go with MediaFast. Read More Scott Williams

Marketing Manager

Thank you for all of your help on these. They’re starting to arrive to customers and we already have meetings setup to discuss the product.
Some comments we’ve received:
“I’ve received RadianFlex amazing brochure with built in mini display. Is that because I’ve attended the Webinar? Do I need to return it or that’s for me to keep? It’s really neat.”Read More Joshua Sellers

It was a pleasure meeting with you recently and learning more about Media Fast and its various services. We appreciate your friendship and support.
Regarding the Video Brochure project we had your company help us with; I’m happy to confirm that the campaign was very successful and we are very pleased with every aspect of the project from start to finish. Kineto Pictures was very professional and did a masterful job in the filming and editing of the video. The final product is Read More

Chad Lewis

Associate Athletic Director-Development

Thank you for showing us the fund-raising tool that resulted in a very successful campaign, and for your guidance and excellent customer support. Although we were excited and convinced your Video Brochure would be a success, we had no idea how effective it would be.
We were concerned some of our donors would accuse us of spending too much on a fund-raising piece and thus depriving the rural Ghanaian students of the education resources they need. But just the opposite happened Read More Ben S. Markham

We just received the pieces and they’re beautiful. We’re very happy with how they turned out. I’ve processed the invoice and you should receive a check within the next week

Read More Kimberly Flynn

Hammer Pacjaging

My boss was so excited when I finally got to show him the brochure! He immediately went around the office and showed it to everyone and it was as though he was a new father introducing his new baby 😊
Thank for creating such a top notch product that, in the boss’s words, “is going to be a game changer!”

Read More Denelle Cruikshank

Dept Trader