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Prospect watching a video in a video brochure.

Testimonials About Video Brochures and Video Boxes

Do you value testimonials when making advertising and marketing decisions for your business? They can be pretty insightful, right?

I mean, as you may already know, using effective ways to create leads is critical to success. The better the leads, the better the opportunities for sales. And to get those leads, using a highly effective way to engage your target audience should be the goal.

With that said, to take it one step further, what’s highly effective these days in advertising and marketing? To answer that, what a little bit of research will show is that video marketing is the way to go.

However, and this is what most people fail to consider—the key to success with it is to get your target audience to actually watch your videos. Simply posting them on websites or linking them to landing pages doesn’t work well enough. Nor does sending them in emails.

So, what does work? Well, what we’ve found is that distributing them to targeted prospects in video brochures and video boxes works extremely well. In fact, this strategy blows away practically all other strategies used to engage a target audience, and the purpose of this post is to give you more information and to share testimonials about these amazing products.

Video Brochures and Video Boxes

This is where I’ll put my money where my mouth is about videos, theoretically speaking.

Instead of giving you more to read, I’ll just post one of our videos highlighting several video brochures and video boxes we’ve created for clients before sharing testimonials. That way you can see them rather than just read lots of words. And believe me, it would take a lot of words to describe what a video can show very quickly.

Also in this video are video mailers, which are basically the same as video brochures. What makes them different, though, is that they come with custom packaging boxes to mail them in. Hence the name video mailers. This makes them much more classy than packaging from UPS, FedEx, DHL, or the USPS. And with the way it helps them stand out from other mail, they get exceedingly more attention.

Testimonials About Video Brochures and Video Boxes

Now for the best part. Here are testimonials about video brochures and video boxes.

Yes, they include comments about MediaFast, which is nice and very much appreciated. What we like most, though, is how well they perform for our clients.

From Alissa Steele:

MediaFast is an incredible company to work with when it comes to custom designing a unique marketing tool. From customer service to the product itself, MediaFast was fabulous from the start of the process to the finishing product. They helped us design and produce a show stopping video brochure that has quickly become one of our most cherished and popular resources. From the quality of the brochure to the screen resolution of the videos, we couldn’t be happier with the service provided by MediaFast!”

From Amber Tipps:

“There aren’t enough words to describe the amazing experience we had with Mediafast! Absolutely the best company! From the minute of our inquiry to delivery of our video brochure, we had exceptional service from beginning to end. Their attention to detail and availability to help with the process of ordering and then all the way through our event to ensure everything was working properly. Our guests were blown away when they received the video brochure! Exceptional in every area! We will be using them again!”

From Abby Albers:

“To introduce our company as we expand into new markets, we have distributed the amazing video brochures created by MediaFast to hundreds of medical professionals across the US. These video brochures have led to meaningful leads and helped us establish lasting relationships with offices that might not have worked with us otherwise. Thank you Andrea and Bill for your timely communication, professionalism and quality product. We look forward to a continued partnership with MediaFast for many years to come…”

How Video Brochures and Video Boxes Help Sales Teams

After reading those testimonials, my hope is that you’re even more open to the idea of using video brochures and video boxes to help with sales for your company. To read more, click this link: MediaFast Testimonials.

At the same time, maybe you’re wondering how they’d help your particular sales team. After all, every company is different, and so are their products, services, and opportunities.

To help with this, here’s Amy Hafen, President of MediaFast.

Be Brave and Change Your Marketing Strategy

Sometimes in life you have to be brave to change. If you’ve ever felt that, you know what I mean, right?

It’s like to create improvements, change is often necessary…and the first step is to acknowledge that reality. Then, what comes next is you have to be brave enough to act on your opportunities and allow events to play out. Sometimes that’s scary, isn’t it?

With that said, when it comes to marketing, it’s just like everything else—change is inevitable. At the same time, since it involves your money, changing marketing strategies can feel scary.

So, here’s where I’m going with this: Consumers no longer respond well to old-fashioned marketing strategies. In other words, what used to work well when we were younger no longer works so well anymore.

And, even though many companies continue to use antiquated marketing strategies with the hopes that they’ll just work, they unfortunately don’t.

On the other hand, companies who have accepted that they need to be brave enough to switch to video marketing have been rewarded for it.

To take it one step further, those who realized they needed to find ways to ensure their videos get watched by their target audience and started distributing them in video brochures and video boxes have done even better.

Yes, they had to be brave to make that change. Why? Because using video marketing products costs more. They’re extremely effective, though, and we encourage you to start capitalizing on them as well.

Thinking about it—wouldn’t you rather spend your money on a strategy that works?

New-Age Video Brochure In Action

The following video shows an executive receiving, watching, and responding to a video brochure. Admittedly, it’s not an actual client of ours, but it’s someone who works with someone who loves the ROI they produce and they’ve benefited tremendously from them.

Get Top-Rated Video Brochures and Video Boxes From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we only use brand new, Grade-A components to make everything we sell. That ensures the best quality, and it makes them extremely reliable. We also keep our prices affordable, and include a one-year full warranty.

On top of that, as an added feature, we don’t lock video content on the units. While our competitors do, we don’t because we believe our clients should be able to change video content whenever they want. That way they don’t have to purchase new units whenever they decide to present a different message, saving them time and money.

And finally, we offer a recycling program. All anyone has to do to take advantage of it is send us any video brochure, video mailer, video box, or point of purchase display with a video screen in it that they no longer want to use. Then we’ll get it to a manufacturer who will recycle or repurpose it, meaning they don’t just wind up as garbage in a world where electronics are practically everywhere.

After reading this, if you’d like to use video brochures or video boxes for your business, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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