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This is a MediaFast video brochure for Waterpik.

Testimonials In Video Brochures Make Sales

When potential buyers read testimonials and positive reviews, it helps them decide to buy. Video brochures can make testimonials even more impactful because potential buyers can watch them in video, which has proven to be a highly effective way to engage consumers.

The impact of testimonials and reviews

Consumers routinely look for testimonials and check online reviews when deciding whether or not to make purchases. In fact, reviews have become the new “word of mouth”, and consumers rely on the opinions of others as much as recommendations from their families and friends.

A Zendesk survey recently revealed 90% of participants said positive online reviews help determine their buying decisions. Many sources also report over 90% of consumers do research online when making purchasing decisions before deciding to move forward.

Testimonials in video brochures make sales

Impressing potential customers is often just as important as many other factors when trying to make sales.

Video brochures are impressive pieces of technology that combine traditional printed brochures with the multi-sensory effectiveness of videos to make presentations engaging and memorable. They grab attention and have proven to be highly effective in so many ways.

Testimonials are a time honored strategy that has been used in sales for ages. Consumers are impressed by them, and using video brochures to present them has made them even more effective in sales.

Many companies produce testimonial videos because they know consumers want to know the opinions of others. They are aware that sales are sometimes lost in the time between their initial sales pitch and when a potential buyer has time to open an email or watch a video online. To reduce that risk, companies have video brochures with testimonials readily available so potential buyers can watch them asap without electricity or an internet connection being necessary.

Another advantage for companies who distribute video brochures is they help their brand stay on the minds of recipients with whom they share them. Case studies have revealed video brochures are usually watched in groups and shared among decision-makers. Furthermore, video brochures enable companies to present themselves at their best instead of relying solely on the performance of their salespeople. They’re practically like TV commercials viewers can hold in their hands, only much less expensive.

As a bonus, there is enough room on video brochures for QR codes and other information to be placed on the printed portion, which can also help make sales.

Testimonial video brochures are worth every penny

Video brochures have been producing excellent results for companies using them for sales, fundraising, networking, recruiting, training, branding and other purposes.

By purchasing video brochures from MediaFast, companies give themselves the best tools available to impact their most likely customers with impressive and memorable presentations.

Companies who use MediaFast video brochures firmly believe they are worth every penny. Statistics indicate they create the best ROI, and it would be impossible for us to recommend them more.

We understand how important it is for companies to spend their money wisely, and we are fully aware how much video brochures help salespeople make sales more often.

To learn more about video brochures and how they can help your company, contact us today.

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