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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Flex Flow.

Scott Williams – Marketing Manager – Flex Flow

“A little over a year ago my bosses decided to expand our company and add a new division and product line for the commercial / industrial laundry industry. One of the parameters given to me in launching the product, is that whatever we send out needs to wow key decision-making individuals at the top level. The only way I knew how to deliver that over the top wow factor was through video media. After a lengthy search and rigorous bidding process, our company decided to go with MediaFast.

Some of the defining characteristics that impressed us with MediaFast, ultimately leading them to win the contract, was how personal and attentive their staff was to our needs. They took the time to listen to what we were trying to achieve and came up with several great options we could choose from to launch our product. The MediaFast team also sent us the various types of video display samples for us to test and then refined and produce a custom package that fit perfect for our project application. We also loved the fact that we never felt pressured or under any time restrictions other than the ones we set for ourselves.

While working through the finer details of the product launch, the MediaFast team was there to assist us every step of the way making sure we didn’t miss a step and that the commonly overlooked details didn’t become an oversight. After launching the product, we received a tidal wave of inquiries, over 60 calls/emails in just the first two weeks requesting more information about our company and how they can sign up to become a distributor of ours.

I would have to say that 8 out of every 10 inquires we received had a positive review of our product sample that was sent out by MediaFast. Please see below for some of the comments we received from our new distributors after receiving the sample.

  • “Wow what an amazing product sample. How did you guys come up with such a great marketing tool.” Ullie Dallas TX (Owner)
  • “When I received your product sample, I thought it was just another parts distributor sending me a product to try. I have received a lot of these types of packages in the past, but none like yours. The video brochure was so well done that after watching the video I felt compelled to call to find out more about your company. To be honest without the video brochure I would have never called.” Tony Orlando FL (President)
  • “I received your sample with the video insert and I must say we were very impressed with your sample box. I never even knew that this type of marketing existed. I would be very interested in speaking with your marketing team/manager that designed and produced this sample as it was very impressive.” Joe Harrisburg PA (President)
  • “Wow! That is one of the coolest things we have ever received. I showed it to everyone in the office. The video really did a great job of conveying your message. We checked out your website from the insert card in your sample and want to know more about your custom design shop and to get pricing for dealers.” Peter Fresno CA (Vice President)
  • “WOW! Oh my gosh what an awesome product launch! We never thought that is what you were going to do with the video! We are super excited for the future!” Todd McComb OH (Manufacture for Flex Flow)

After it was all said and done and all the samples had reached their destinations, we ended up registering 15 new dealers to sell our product and already had 3 orders placed all within the first 3 weeks of us opening our doors. It was a little scary to make the commitment as this was a large expense for a small company (25 employees), but we are so glad that we took the leap to do a video brochure with MediaFast as the ROI from the launch has far exceeded our expectations.”