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The Best Digital Marketing Options

Being aware of the best digital marketing options can significantly improve resulting ROI when deciding digital marketing strategies. Marketing decisions often determine how successful a company becomes, and in today’s world, digital marketing is practically essential.

No matter what anyone may claim, reality is there are few products that can actually sell themselves. Claiming a product or service can sell itself may be an effective pitch for a company trying to attract salespeople, but unless a product or service has a mouthpiece, a person is required to introduce potential buyers and close deals. Even the greenest entrepreneur or small business owner knows marketing their product or service will be an essential step down the road to achieving success.

So with the understanding that marketing is critical no matter what the product or service being sold, the next logical question is “What can a small business owner do to better market their product or service?”

The Best Digital Marketing Options

Traditional avenues of marketing can be expensive and yield marginal results. For the sake of comparison, let’s review some popular forms of advertising. With direct mail, a 2% response rate is considered outstanding. The average open rate for email campaigns is about 3%. Online rankings affect YouTube videos and SEO tactics, and people may be too busy to surf online or read social media to find information. As for pay-per-click campaigns, the only guaranteed result is that an advertiser will have to pay Google for the clicks their ads receive. The downside is, according to, the average conversion rate on those clicks is only 2.35%. On the other hand, when a company considers modern digital marketing options, they will discover they can sufficiently market their product or service digitally to reach consumers in an affordable way.

One such unique and effective way for a small business to market successfully is to make full use of videos. Similar to the way TV shows and commercials grab attention, advertisement videos do the same to viewers. Recollection skyrockets in humans when there is a combination of audio and visual, and it is hard to tune out videos when they are being played. Viewers remember messages they see and hear much more than if they were simply reading still words or looking at still images.

Using videos in lcd screens placed in marketing products such as brochures and point of purchase displays (POP displays) has become tremendously profitable for companies worldwide. One of the great benefits of digital marketing with videos in state-of-the-art marketing devices is being able to target recipients who receive them. This strategy has contributed immensely to the success companies have been having with video brochures, DVDs and POP displays.

Another digital marketing option is to use custom-made CDs and DVDs. With more and more digital marketing online, the use of portable copies of multimedia marketing is likewise becoming increasingly relevant and useful. Presenting a message to a potential customer on a disc they can play at their own convenience is appreciated and effective. A message presented well on a CD or DVD can help move a potential buyer further down a sales funnel or maybe even motivate them to purchase the product or service being sold. In the worst case scenario, it should help a salesperson get a follow up appointment to further discuss what their product or service can do for the potential buyer when they go to recover the CD or DVD.

MediaFast Digital Marketing Options

There are multiple ways in which a business can use videos, CDs and DVDs to market their products or services. Some of the most successful digital marketing options provided at MediaFast include the following:

  • Packaging an interactive and informative DVD with an eye-catching printed brochure to hand to potential buyers.
  • Replicating promotional CDs or DVDs for inserts into direct mail pieces and mailing them to targeted recipients. (Our QuickMailer costs approximately $2 per piece and has an open and play rate of 20%, which is much higher than other forms of print advertising, based on a study conducted by Survey USA.)
  • An lcd video screen installed in a point of purchase display (POP display) that plays a looping video for consumers nearby.
  • Video brochures have proven to create the best ROI and are surprisingly affordable.

There are many more ways for a business to use their custom-made videos, CDs and DVDs to attract attention to their products or service. The real genius will come from each individual business as they contemplate the full use of videos, CDs and DVDs within their marketing strategies, but we will help throughout the entire process.

MediaFast Will Help You Succeed

Our success rate is outstanding and customer service is our number one priority. We only sell products made with grade A brand new components and our wisdom and experience make us a perfect partner. When searching for the best digital marketing options, we are confident your end result will be successful with us.

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