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The Best Video Marketing Options

Knowing the best video marketing options can significantly improve ROI when choosing a video marketing strategy. Marketing decisions often determine how much success a company enjoys, and in today’s digital world, video marketing is practically essential.

With that in mind, regardless of what product or service is being promoted, the next logical question for a marketing department is “What can a company do to better market themselves with videos?”

Why Your Company Should Use Video Marketing

Due to social integration and enormous investments from internet giants, video marketing has become a mainstay in marketing. It has gained a vital place among marketing strategies and might be unbeatable as companies try to connect with consumers and convert them into paying customers.

For the sake of comparing video marketing to more traditional avenues of marketing, let’s review some popular forms of advertising. With direct mail, a 2% response rate is considered outstanding. With email campaigns, the average open rate is about 3%. YouTube videos and SEO tactics are affected by online rankings, and many people lack the time or patience necessary to surf online for products or services they may desire. Also, with pay-per-click campaigns, the only guarantee an advertiser receives is that they will have to pay Google for the clicks their ads receive. And, according to, the average conversion rate on those clicks is only 2.35%.

On the other hand, when a company considers video marketing, they will discover they can effectively market themselves to reach potential customers in very affordable ways. Similar to the way TV shows and commercials grab attention, videos do the same to viewers. Recollection skyrockets in humans when there is a combination of audio and visual, and it is hard to tune out a video when it is playing. According to, studies show using the word “video” in the subject line of an email can increase open rates by up to 19%. And, according to, one of the best ways to get tweets retweeted is to include a video. People love videos!

MediaFast Video Marketing Options

One of the great benefits of video marketing in state-of-the-art marketing tools is they allow companies to target their most likely customers. Also, they cost much less than a TV commercial.

Using videos in marketing products like video brochures and point of purchase displays (POP displays) has become exceedingly profitable for companies around the world. Another video marketing strategy is to use custom-made CDs and DVDs. Presenting a video brochure, USB flash drive, CD or DVD to a targeted recipient they can play at their own convenience has proven to be effective and is often appreciated. A message presented well in video can help move a potential customer further down a sales funnel or maybe even motivate them to purchase right away. Also, handing out a video marketing tool is an excellent way for a salesperson to get a follow up appointment.

Some of the most successful video marketing options provided by MediaFast include the following:

  • Video brochures have proven to create the best ROI and are surprisingly affordable.
  • Replicating promotional CDs or DVDs for inserts into direct mail pieces and sending them to targeted recipients. (Our QuickMailer costs approximately $2 per piece and has an open and play rate of 20%, which is much higher than other forms of print advertising, based on a study conducted by Survey USA.)
  • An lcd video screen installed into a point of purchase display (POP display) that plays a looping video for anyone nearby.
  • A custom USB flash drive is an excellent way to connect with tech-savvy customers. MediaFast offers affordable custom-made USB flash drives and packaging designed to fit any company’s needs and budget.

Get the best video marketing tools from MediaFast

MediaFast offers the best video marketing tools for companies to reach their most likely customers with impressive presentations.

At MediaFast, we understand how important it is for companies to spend their marketing dollars wisely. When clients involve us from start to finish, they consistently end up with outstanding video marketing products to help themselves. Furthermore, as an added benefit, they often spend less money than they were expecting.

To get the best video marketing tools for your company, contact us today.

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