The CD is Young! It’s Packaging… Not So Much

The release of the CD and DVD about 20 years ago was such a forward leap in technology that we were sure we would never top it. Now with the development of Blu-Rays and mp3s, fewer people are attracted to the idea of buying a bulky CD in a plastic case that’s just going to fall apart.

However, the CD still has important uses. People can listen to it in the car, at home, or use it to get the mp3 files they download onto their players. If the packaging were updated, much more people would be willing to buy CDs.

New Age of CD Packaging

In order for bands and the like to persuade customers to purchase their CDs, they have to sweeten the deal. Having a CD with a booklet that includes a few pictures and maybe some lyrics doesn’t cut it anymore. Bands today release their albums with stickers, autographs, and pop-up books to motivate audiences to buy them. Creating more involved CD cases like these are becoming more and more standard, and therefore easier to mass produce.

Enhance the Graphics, Enhance the Brand

A large contributor to whether or not someone is willing to buy the CD is what the graphic design looks like. Technology has also afforded a drastic improvement in terms of what our CDs and packaging look like from a design perspective. With a good graphic design, you are liable to sell twice as much as you might have sold without it. Not to mention the brand will stand out much more in your target audience’s mind from then on.


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