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The Cloud Isn’t Making USB Flash Drives Obsolete

Are you someone who thinks USB flash drives are now irrelevant because of the Cloud? With all due respect, even with the existence of the Cloud, USB flash drives are still very useful because the Cloud cannot provide all of the benefits USB flash drives can provide.

If you think about it, USB in general is used far too often for it to disappear anytime soon. It is the most commonly used interface for attaching just about anything to desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones. It has also become the most efficient and commonly used way to recharge batteries in electronic devices, which is why most major hotel chains now provide multiple USB ports in rooms.

Furthermore, USB flash drives make a greater impact than pens and most other items when used for company swag. They also give recipients something they can use that they may not already have after they view the content already on them. However, for marketing purposes, the company logo or branding designed on them will remain even after the digital content is changed.

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Why the Cloud isn’t making USB flash drives obsolete

As stated previously, The Cloud cannot provide all of the benefits USB flash drives can provide. They complement each other well, and one is not going to make the other obsolete for the following reasons:

  • The Cloud requires an internet connection while USB flash drives do not.
  • The Cloud, while excellent for storing and sharing data, is limited to mostly those two purposes.
  • USB flash drives can run software applications and operating systems directly from the units themselves, such as MS Word, WordPad, Notepad, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Power Point, Keynotes, Auto CAD, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel, Real Player, Media Player, Microsoft Windows, Apple’s MacOS, iOS, Chrome OS, BlackBerry Tablet OS and Linux.
  • The Cloud allows for quick, easy access to stored data that can be edited via any device with an internet connection.
  • USB flash drives require a user to use an electronic device with a USB port to access and edit data.
  • The Cloud does not offer a physical way to keep data safe.
  • USB flash drives offer an excellent way to keep data physically safe because they’re small, easy to hide, and usually durable.
  • The Cloud allows for restricted access to data by the service provider. Each Cloud service provider has its own conditions for users to meet before they access data.
  • USB flash drives allow access to be restricted by the owners/users themselves (if they choose).
  • The Cloud doesn’t make an impact in marketing because it is not a physical device that can display a logo, branding, or any other marketing content specific to companies who use it.
  • USB flash drives are physical devices that work great in marketing because they can be designed to display a company’s logo, branding, and other marketing content.

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