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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Sysco.

The Cutting Edge Sales Tool You Need Most – Video Brochure

In business, the video brochure has become one of the very best ways to increase sales. It provides a cutting edge combination of traditional print marketing with the power of videos to form an alluring, impressive, dynamic, and captivating sales tool that recipients usually find hard to ignore. For salespeople, there are definitely many benefits of using them.

How a video brochure can be so effective

Unlike other sales tools, a video brochure can place a company’s videos directly in the hands of highly targeted prospects. In most cases, it’s an experience that leaves recipients feeling acknowledged, valued, and impressed.

In all honestly, there may not be a better way for companies to get their videos watched by the people they consider their most ideal prospects. For example, while salespeople often get stymied by “gate-keepers”, a video brochure is usually viewed as too classy or interesting for receptionists or assistants not to share with the boss. They definitely do not get thrown into the trash like the majority of other sales tools, that’s for sure. Instead, they usually get treated like novelty items people can’t wait to show everyone else. Executives have even been known to take them home and show them to their families because they’re so extraordinary.

For salespeople, what’s even better is that video brochures make it easier for them to get follow up appointments. In addition to being excellent ice-breakers and interesting topics of conversations, what we’ve found is that decision-makers usually want to talk to salespeople who leave a video brochure for them. So, when salespeople return to pick them up, they often get the chance to actually speak with the person they were trying to engage in the first place.

On top of that, another huge challenge salespeople face is getting other decision-makers who didn’t actually hear their sales pitch to say “yes”. For example, many companies have multiple owners who are required to make purchasing decisions together. Since not all of them are always present during every sales presentation, many receive information in a second-hand manner and often say “no” because they simply aren’t as impressed (for understandable reasons). Fortunately, video brochures provide an impressive way to overcome that challenge.

Why a video brochure is the sales tool you need most

Effectively, a video brochure can turn an average salesperson into a great salesperson. While there are truly many good salespeople out there, one criticism salespeople often receive is that sometimes they act like walking, talking product or service brochures. Another is that they often seem only interested in their commission and not in how what they’re selling will help their customers. Both are turn-offs, and for those reasons and others, many consumers would rather avoid salespeople altogether.

For salespeople, working in their profession can often feel intimidating, rejecting, and demoralizing. Even if they’re super friendly, personable, patient, honest, and genuinely care about their customers, it can be difficult for them to stay motivated regularly because of how often they hear the word “no”. If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know exactly what I mean.

With those challenges in mind, a video brochure is for all intents and purposes an effective way to overcome them. In addition to being exceptionally intriguing, video brochures help salespeople feel relaxed, confident, and more prepared. They also make it easier for them to reach decision-makers they target, and getting follow-up appointments can become much easier too. While there are other advantages, those two benefits alone can make a huge difference in how well they perform.

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