The Electronic Business Card

Tired of knowing that your traditional business card is probably just going to be chucked at the end of the day?  Instead of handing out boring business cards, give future customers and clients something that benefits both of you – a customized USB drive, the electronic business card!

How it Benefits Them

First of all, if you want people to hang on to your promotional materials, you’d better make it worth something to them.  In our electronic/digital age, everybody needs USB drives.  They can be used for storage, to share information, or to transport information from one place to another.

Because USBs hold data – the gold of today’s world – no one will ever throw them away.  The people that receive them will think, “Oh finally.  Something useful!”

How it Benefits You

As these customers and clients use your USB, they will constantly see your logo and connect your company with positive traits like “useful, helpful, innovative and smart.”  And what company doesn’t want to be thought of that way?

Another perk of handing out USBs is that you can have them pre-loaded with some of your company’s marketing materials – short videos, documents, or images.  That way, you’ll save paper, be able share more information than you can on a small business card (or even a brochure), and present it in a more engaging way.


Mediafast can make your company customized USB drives that will impress your customers and promote your company.  We even provide promotional cases to set apart your unique USB drive!

Get started today by creating your own electronic business cards from Mediafast here!