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This is a MediaFast Video Box for Goli Nutrition with 3 of their gummy vitamins included in the inside.

The Goli® Video Box Is Modern Marketing At Its Best

Goli® discovered a cutting-edge marketing product — a Video Box from MediaFast. Then they collaborated with us to design an extraordinary one.

Even though we’ve designed hundreds, this even blew our minds a bit. To see what I mean, here’s a video below featuring it with our company owner, Amy Hafen.

The Goli® Video Box by MediaFast

An attention-grabbing Video Box can help ensure your target audience watches your videos, which can be highly influential. Plus, you’ll look brilliant for using such cutting-edge technology.

All the while, they’re amazing for distributing samples and/or gifts. And, since design options are somewhat limitless, you can have something similar to one we’ve already created, or have one designed that’s completely unique.

For instance, here’s the one for Goli®.

Using a Video Box is Modern Marketing at Its Best

Piggybacking off of what Amy said, there probably isn’t a more interesting strategy for distributing samples or gifts than using a Video Box. In addition to being attention-grabbing and novel, they’re also impressive enough for recipients to show to others, making them even more influential.

Thinking about it… Is that the case with any other marketing media? Oh, and to say influencers love them is an understatement. More times than not, anytime they get a chance to make a video of them opening and experiencing one, they usually do.

Here’s why: Videos are extremely popular. We all seem to have a natural desire to watch them, and they’re classy. At the same time, consumers nowadays expect to find them, they’re efficient, and they’re most people’s preferred method for learning.

Because of this, marketers have realized that using videos will help their messages draw a better response. And, when they combine them with samples and/or gifts in Video Boxes and send them to targeted prospects, perceived value shoots through the roof. Response rates tend to be fantastic as well!

Other Examples of Video Boxes

For the purpose of showing more, here is a short clip of other Video Boxes we’ve created for clients.

Modern Marketing That Skyrockets Sales

In general, there are normally two specific goals with marketing. One is to keep current clients, and the other is to gain new ones. Fortunately, Video Boxes excel at accomplishing both.

With that said, Forbes posted the following about videos:

  • 90% of consumers say videos strongly impact their purchasing decisions.
  • 80% say they’re more likely to buy something after watching a video about it.
  • 59% of decision-makers would rather watch a video than read motionless content to learn about a product, service or opportunity.

Clearly the impact of a Video Box is extraordinary because it combines product samples or gifts with video content — a one-two punch that’s seemingly unmatched. In this day and age, it’s the kind of marketing that produces results companies crave…and sales tend to skyrocket because of it.

Get Industry-Leading Video Boxes From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we only use brand new, Grade A components to make all of our products. That ensures the best quality and makes them extremely reliable. As well, from what we know, we’re the only company in our industry to include a one-year, full warranty.

Rather than going on more, here’s a testimonial sent to us by Thomas Ulrich from Nutrislice. It’s from a prospect who received one of their Video Boxes.

“I opened the marketing package that you sent and holy mackerel it is so cool!! My kids were freaking out. My fifteen year old is studying marketing and was like, ‘oh my gosh this is so cool!’ I want to let you know it is absolutely awesome… I am going to be showing everybody at SLA, it is really cool. You guys really knocked it out of the park! Kudos! Great job! Tell your folks who designed it they did a KILLER job!”

After reading this, if you’d like to use Video Boxes to capitalize on modern marketing at its best, or to learn more, contact us today.

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