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This is an image of MediaFast video brochures for Hello Oral Care and Head Start Preschool for the purpose of showing examples.

The Positive Impact of Video Brochures

Feedback indicates video brochures create the best ROI in print and marketing with digital devices. According to an article detailing a case study from Saucy Horse, they have proven to be extraordinarily successful in marketing campaigns.

Video brochures are the newest affordable form of advertising proven to impress potential clients and make sales. By combining the printed portion of traditional brochures with an LCD video screen embedded into the printed media, a powerful combination is produced. The experience for a viewer is much like watching a TV commercial. To make it even better, they actually get to hold it in their hands, which enhances the experience even more.

Why are video brochures so successful?

First and foremost, the affect of videos is so much more impactful on viewers compared to when they look at still images or read words. Combining sight, sound and motion with physical touch engages more senses. Studies have shown people retain significantly more when they see and hear something as opposed to when they only see or only hear it.

Second, they look impressive and recipients appreciate the convenience they provide. By handing or mailing a video brochure to a targeted recipient, companies can deliver their message in a state-of-the-art way in which the potential customer can experience a presentation at their own convenience. Video brochures are battery operated and do not require an internet connection or the presence of a company representative.

Third, they help make average salespeople great. Confidence is boosted and a salesperson feels less intimidation when equipped with an impressive cutting-edge piece of technology they can leave with a potential customer. It allows them to listen more and gives them to ability to take up less of the potential customer’s time. As alluded to previously, the customer may not remember much of what the salesperson says, but they will remember more about what the salesperson is selling after experiencing the video in the brochure. Furthermore, they create an ideal opportunity for a follow up meeting when the salesperson goes to pick up the video brochure. In the worst case scenario, the potential customer will be impressed by the coolness of the digital device they experienced.

Fourth, by including video brochures in a marketing campaign, companies maintain control over their brand. A well planned and produced video presents their brand in an optimal way of their choosing. Also, by including an eye-catching package in the printed portion of the brochure, there is more opportunity for the company to sell. Testimonials, QR codes, bullet points and catch phrases can be used in addition to a company logo to make the entire package more effective.

Lastly (in this article anyway), video brochures improve a company’s image. They create the impression of a company who has put their money where their mouth is (so to speak). They look expensive, even though they aren’t as expensive as they look, and excite emotions. They feel good. They perform good (at least the ones from MediaFast). And, they can be recharged, reprogrammed and reused — which is good.

How Can You Include Video Brochures In Your Marketing?

For $25 – $55 per unit, one sale will usually recoup the cost of investing in these powerful marketing tools. At first glance, that dollar amount may seem expensive to some companies. Considering the extraordinary results companies are having with them around the world though, video brochures are definitely worth the money.

Here is some great advice given by a company owner who has seen enormous success with them:  Don’t get caught up in what to include in the video or how to produce it. Rely on research and the experience of MediaFast to help create a video brochure that will make the best impact on recipients. Remember, after you purchase them, the content on the video can be changed in one simple step with any Mac or PC. They generate great ROI and are worth every penny spent to acquire them if done correctly.

MediaFast focuses so much on customer satisfaction. If they see an unsuccessful idea or a train wreck coming, they’ll let a customer know and not take their money. Over 150 years of combined experience has taught them a lot about what works and what doesn’t. By trusting MediaFast, companies who rely on them will fully experience the positive impact of video brochures.

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