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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Tsunami.

The Power of Video Brochure Mailers In Sales and Fundraising

If you work in sales and fundraising, you probably understand the power of having effective media to help you close deals. You’re probably also well aware of the power of videos.

With that said, are you familiar with Video Brochure Mailers? True, they’re sometimes called by different names — from Video Brochures and Video Books, to Video Mailers and Video In Print. Even Multimedia Brochures is a newer name for them. To learn more, click Crazy Internet Names For Video Brochures.

With the goal of explaining how effective they are for sales and fundraising, below are two testimonials — one written and one in video. But first, here’s a short clip showing some we’ve created in case you aren’t familiar with them.

Video Brochure Mailers In Action

Whether you know them by the names listed above or as Screen In Print, Video Pamphlets or Direct Mail Video Players, here are some we’ve created in case you’ve never seen examples.

Written Testimonial From A Fundraising Client

The following testimonial is from Ben Markham, Founder of Empower Playgrounds, Inc. He’s a retired ExxonMobile Executive who decided to start a heartwarming charity as an encore.

“Thank you for showing us the fund-raising tool that resulted in a very successful campaign, and for your guidance and excellent customer support. Although we were excited and convinced your Video Brochure would be a success, we had no idea how effective it would be.

We were concerned some of our donors would accuse us of spending too much on a fund-raising piece and thus depriving the rural Ghanaian students of the education resources they need. But just the opposite happened. We had many contributors (approximately 5%) ask us for more brochures so they could share our cause with friends, neighbors and associates to help us raise more funds.

We were amazed at how quickly after the mailing we received donations, and we were surprised when the first donations arrived within a few days of the mailing. We’re not used to contributions coming in that fast.

We were also surprised that over 10% of those who hadn’t donated in the last 3 to 5 years sent contribution. These ‘revived’ donations covered the cost of the entire campaign.

“The Video Brochure isn’t discarded and it doesn’t end up on the bottom of some pile. The ‘pass-along’ factor is as strong. Because the brochure can be viewed anytime and anywhere it facilitates repetitive viewings and opportunities to motivate more donations.

Many donors commented on how effective the video was in showing the results of EPI efforts. The testimonials and life changing stories by the children are emotionally powerful. The video is much more effective than words and pictures in conveying the message of the EPI mission and results.

As a technologically advanced communications tool we can’t imagine anything more effective than the MediaFast Video Brochure. MediaFast was right…it gets our donors attention. It engages them in our message, and it motivates them to send in their contributions.

Thank you again, we’re looking forward to our next campaign!”

Verbal Testimonial From A Sales Client

As a follow-up to the written testimonial above for fundraising, here’s a video testimonial for sales from a different client.

Videos Are Highly Effective In Sales and Fundraising

When asked to describe a modern sales strategy that works, most consumers would say it has to include videos. If you work in sales or fundraising, my guess is you’ll agree with that. Am I right?

Or, if you don’t work in sales or fundraising, wouldn’t you say as a consumer that videos are helpful when you’re making purchasing decisions? That’s definitely true for me.

Anyway, to keep this efficient, here’s a list of reasons why videos are so effective with consumers.

  • Consumers enjoy watching them over reading text or looking at motionless images.
  • Videos provide a more personable way to engage a target audience.
  • They arouse emotions, which feels inspiring, entertaining and worthwhile.
  • Videos increase trust.
  • They improve the understanding of products, services and opportunities.
  • Videos help companies stand out from their competitors.
  • Consumers respond to them significantly more often than other forms of communication.

With those reasons in mind, it’s easy to understand why most people in the digital age we live in prefer that companies use videos to communicate with them versus other options. However, the key to getting them watched is often presenting them in the right formats with the right strategy.

Fortunately, products like Video Brochure Mailers are ideal for that purpose. As direct mail pieces, they land right in the mailboxes or on the desks of decision-makers. They’re also attention-grabbing, and most recipients actually enjoy receiving them. How often does that get said about other sales and fundraising tools?

Get Industry-Leading Video Brochure Mailers From MediaFast

At MediaFast, all of our products are made with only brand new, Grade A components to ensure the best quality. Furthermore, we’re the only supplier to include a one year full warranty from what we know.

Also, to better serve our clients, we do not lock video content in the manufacturing process. Instead, we load the videos supplied to us by our clients and then leave them unlocked so they can update them whenever they want. While some companies charge for this, we don’t because we believe our clients shouldn’t be restricted from doing whatever they want with them once they’re in their possession.

To learn more about why ours are industry-leading, click Get The Best Video Brochures From MediaFast

After reading this, if you’d like to purchase Video Brochure Mailers so your company can use them in sales and fundraising, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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