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This is a MediaBuk video brochure.

These Video Brochures Are On Fire

These video brochures are on fire in the marketing world, and they’re extremely popular for personal use as well. Our clients get great prices without having to order in bulk, and they love how soon they receive them after they’re ordered.

The video brochures being referring to are MediaBüks. They were invented by MediaFast as a way to offset the two biggest reasons companies and individuals feel they cannot use video brochures: price and time.

How MediaBüks make video brochures possible for everyone

First, video brochures are expensive unless ordered in large quantities. Second, it takes approximately two weeks to receive them after they’re ordered because they’re made in China.

MediaBük video brochures eliminate both of those challenges because they ship sooner from within the United States and the units are customized after they are received.

Just like regular video brochures, they are still made in China. However, to eliminate the time and need for design and customization prior to and during production, MediaFast has thousands of pre-made, generic MediaBük video brochures in different styles at their warehouse in American Fork, Utah. All versions of MediaBük video brochures can be purchased affordably in any quantity, and it only takes a few minutes to customize them.

How to customize a MediaBük

Examples of the different versions of MediaBük

MediaBük video brochures are on fire

MediaBük video brochures allow users to take advantage of the power of videos while also allowing them to store and share personal videos in a more classy, fancy way. To learn more about the different versions of MediaBük video brochures, click this link.

In the marketing world, video brochures are on fire everywhere. To stand out from competitors, they’re an outstanding choice for any size company. There aren’t many marketing strategies returning such excellent ROI, and they help companies Cut Through The Marketing Noise their most likely customers are bombarded with constantly.

In their personal lives, people love to record and share videos as a way to relive exciting times and special occasions. They also enjoy making and sharing videos about matters of personal interest and for entertainment. MediaBük video brochures have become increasingly popular for personal reasons because they’re affordable, novel, cutting-edge, and stylish. They look expensive, but they cost less than people think.

To learn more about MediaBük video brochures or our other video marketing products, contact us today.

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