Things to Consider When Creating Project Packaging

Things To Consider When Creating Project Packaging

We often design, create, package and mail out DVD, Blu-Ray and CD covers or casings for different companies and organizations that need them, so (in our humble opinion) we are pretty good at it by now.  Although we can help with basically every facet of this process, it is still essential to have consumer input and ideas, which is what this weeks blog will focus on.  In order to get the perfect end product, there are several things that must be considered. Here are just a few (not necessarily in order) for you to take into account…

  • Find a name for your project. Whether it is a movie, instructional video, training content or something else, it’s important that the title is interesting and appealing, rather than just plain old descriptive.  Don’t simply state the obvious; think of titles that intrigue you and aim for something similar in style.
  • Decide who will do the design/art work.  If it’s for family home movies then you might be safe to do the design work yourself, but if you want something a smidge more professional, then you should probably use…well… a professional! Cover art will immediately interest someone in your project or dissuade him or her from watching it.
  • Include taglines or comments! Has anyone said anything great about your project?  Include it! This made not be suitable for training material but if you think your project would be suited to having some quotes or positive reviews displayed, take note of the ones you’d like to use!
  • Artwork or design on the actual disk itself adds a truly professional air to a project, so don’t get so caught up in the cover art that you forget this important detail.
  • Inspiration can be found in the strangest places, so put some time into getting ideas.  A great concept may not simply come to you, so take a look at some of the packaging that you find appealing on other DVDs, CDs and Blu-Rays.

These are just a few (hopefully) helpful hints, but if you’d like some more in-depth advice, give us a call or send us an email today.