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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for CBN.

Think of Video Brochures and Marketing Like This

Video brochures have proven to be an excellent marketing strategy for many purposes. With the right marketing strategy, companies can practically guarantee themselves success as long as the infrastructure is in place to support their operations.

Fortunately, many companies have figured out the best ways to market their products, services and opportunities. However, some actually struggle to understand how marketing works and many could benefit from using some better, more modern techniques. For example, videos and video brochures have proven to work remarkably well.

Here’s a video in case you haven’t seen what I’m referring to:

Consider the Start, Stop, Continue Strategy for improvements

In almost all aspects of life, using the Start, Stop, Continue Strategy works well for making improvements. Basically, what it does is help people understand what they can do to improve their circumstances.

When done with complete honesty, the Start, Stop, Continue Strategy forces people to look more thoroughly at themselves. It requires them to look at their habits, what they’re doing, what they’re not doing, what they could be doing, what they should be doing, what options are available for changes, etc. Then, after brainstorming thoroughly with complete honesty, the specific variables that make the greatest impact on their outcomes can usually be identified pretty easily.

Here are the three phases of the Start, Stop, Continue Strategy:

  1. Start – In the first step, people should ask themselves what they can start doing daily to make significant improvements to their circumstances. For example, they could get out of bed 1 hour earlier, make healthier eating choices, get more sleep, meditate, plan for their future, stop using credit cards, be better at communicating, make consistent efforts to notice more good, feel more gratitude, complain less, make a consistent effort to become more educated, find better work procedures, spend more time with friends, spend less time with friends, etc.
  2. Stop – In the second step, people should ask themselves what they are doing daily that might be preventing them from improving their circumstances. For example, maybe they don’t sleep enough, they party too much, they play when they should be doing something productive, they think and act negatively, they blame others, they tolerate poor behavior from themselves or others, they waste money, they waste time, they don’t communicate respectfully, they’re dishonest, they have poor hygiene, they follow antiquated work strategies, they’re too greedy, they’re not greedy enough, they don’t allow others to help them, etc.
  3. Continue – In the last step, people should ask themselves what they are doing daily that is working well right now. The majority of people have multiple daily behaviors that are worth giving themselves a pat on the back for doing. For example, they get 8 hours of sleep on average per day, they exercise regularly, they eat healthier foods, they compliment others, they’re reliable, they’re fair, they’re likable, they’re teachable, they’re respectful, they’re accepting, they have good hygiene habits, they save money, they donate, they’re slow to anger, they’re not judgmental, etc. Positive affirmation is important because negativity needs to be offset for improvements to occur. Otherwise, negative feelings carry too much power.

By completed these three phases with honesty, people can accurately determine what they can start and stop doing to enjoy noticeable improvements in their circumstances. However, most importantly, for this to work longterm the person must remain fully compliant with their decisions regardless of temptations that will surely arise.

Start using Video Brochures to improve your marketing

Video marketing has become a superstar in marketing over the past several years and more traditional strategies have taken a back seat to it. For example, videos are now used often in emails, on social media, on landing pages, on websites, and even in point of purchase displays (POP displays). They’re also sent directly to targeted prospects in video brochures, video mailers, video boxes and USB flash drives.

Due to people’s desire for videos and the positive responses they usually have to them, video marketing products are becoming a mainstay in business. Marketing with videos has gained a vital place among marketing strategies, and the use of video marketing products like video brochures might be unbeatable as a way for companies to connect with a target audience.

To learn more about video brochures or any of the other video marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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