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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Holland Hospital.

To Be Great At Fundraising, Use Video Brochures

Video brochures make selling a lot of things easier, and using them in fundraisers to collect donations is a great strategy.

When it comes to fundraising, video brochures can make all the difference in how well a cause is explained and in how many donations are collected.

They improve initial presentations, impress prospects, make pursuing donations easier for representatives, and people respond well to them.

Videos are excellent at creating a connection

To make people feel inspired and connected to a cause, there may not be a better way than by using videos unless a first-hand experience is possible. Since time commitments and costs often prevent first-hand experiences from being practical, videos are easily the next best way to touch people emotionally. As a result, after watching videos, people often feel inspired to donate because of the emotions they feel.

By using sound and motion to engage more senses, videos are excellent at getting and holding people’s attention. They also say a lot in a short period of time, and people enjoy them.

Through visual storytelling, video brochures can touch people’s hearts and connect their values to a cause. That connection alone can drastically effect the success of a fundraiser.

Videos are excellent for storytelling

Sharing stories from clients, donors, volunteers, founders and staff members is an outstanding strategy when working to raise donations. However, the method used to tell stories is often just as important as the stories themselves.

Since time and money usually limit the number of times a person can share a story, videos are excellent at helping people share stores in a way that is quick and consistent every time. Furthermore, with music and other images, videos enhance storytelling and make stories even more effective at achieving their desired results.

Additionally, with video brochures, which are much more affordable than many people think, prospects fitting an ideal profile can be targeted.

They only cost between $20 and $65 per unit, and they allow people seeking donations to present a state-of-the-art device that practically feels like a TV commercial their most likely donors can hold in their hands. However, despite their effectiveness, video brochures cost much less than TV commercials even though they sometimes return similar ROI.

Effectively, with the use of video brochures, stories get shared consistently more often. That means the number of potential donors who get approached will be increased, which will likely increase the number of donations received as well.

Suggestions to follow when making videos for fundraising

  • EMPHASIZE THE CAUSE AND NOT THE ORGANIZATION.  By far, it is much more effective to show viewers the reasons their donations are needed and what they’ll be used to accomplish. People are naturally more interested in that than watching videos about organizations, and videos more about organizations usually fail to touch people’s emotions in the same way. A fundraising video should be used to raise awareness and highlight the positive effect an organization’s efforts can make towards helping a worthy cause rather than highlighting an organization.
  • MORE POWERFUL STATEMENTS SHOULD COME FROM CLIENTS OR INDUSTRY EXPERTS.  Rather than have an executive or staff member say something that could dramatically impact people’s decisions to donate, it is much more effective to have comments and stories come from clients or industry experts who work in the field. Knowledge from an expert or a testimonial from someone with first-hand experience is much more interesting and reliable, and it usually results in an increase in donations.
  • IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT YOUR ORGANIZATION, USE SOMEONE FROM OUTSIDE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION TO DO IT.  This builds credibility and makes for a more effective video.
  • BE SURE THE PURPOSE FOR YOUR VIDEO IS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR.  Confusion makes people not want to spend money. However, when the purpose of a video is clear, it can often make the difference in how much money is raised.
  • WHEN MAKING THE VIDEO, REMAIN FOCUSED ON THESE TWO THINGS: 1) Who will be watching the video (knowing your audience is crucial and can completely change how the story gets portrayed). 2) What you want your audience to think, feel, or do after watching the video (knowing this will help you portray the story in a way most likely to produce the best results).

Video brochures can be the secret to your success

We’ve made video brochures many times for organizations using them for fundraising, and we’ve happily watched them succeed at reaching their goals.

Our company “gives back” a lot. Our team has a wealth of knowledge we can use to save time and money for organizations working with limited funds, and we understand most charitable organizations have to be frugal in their operations.

Our prices are affordable, and our products consist of only the best, brand new Grade A components. This ensures reliability and customer satisfaction, which we value greatly.

To learn more about video brochures or our other marketing products, contact us today.

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