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This is a group of USB flash drives made by MediaFast.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy USB Flash Drives From Us

For brands looking for some cool company swag, MediaFast offers affordable custom USB flash drives made out of only brand new, Grade A components.

USB flash drives are still relevant as companies often use them for marketing, data storage, data sharing, and many other reasons instead of relying so much on printed materials.

And, remember, whenever someone receives a USB flash drive with your brand and content on it, they can easily change the content, but your brand will remain on it. Then, if they’re ever in the market to buy whatever your company sells, it will help them remember your brand.

Why MediaFast is the best option for USB flash drives

Designing a USB flash drive can be challenging, time consuming, and expensive. In the beginning, it may be difficult to determine how much it will cost and envision how the final product will look. Then, after someone spends valuable hours designing a USB flash drive only to discover there is no feasible way to produce and/or afford it, it can be extremely aggravating. Regardless of the reason, at that point precious time and resources have been wasted and the person will have to reassess their ideas and make changes in an effort to get the USB flash drive they desire.

Now imagine a better scenario. If that person had an expert working with them throughout the process from start to finish, they’d be much better off. Someone who knows what it will take to get everything designed, printed, manufactured, and fulfilled on-time. Furthermore, imagine how great they will feel when the costs come in under budget without innovation and style having been sacrificed. That is exactly what MediaFast has done for clients throughout the years. We can’t promise the costs will come in under budget every time without knowing the details and understanding the budget, but with our expertise and efficient processes, there is a great chance.

Top 5 reasons to buy USB flash drives from MediaFast

  1. For customers searching for the cheapest price, the following is a quote from one of our owners, Bill Diaz. He said, “We’re not the cheapest, but the price difference between quality and the cheapest is not significant. However, there is a huge difference in customer satisfaction.”
  2. Our passion for designing innovative USB flash drives as cost effective as possible is fueled by an extensive understanding of the manufacturing processes. We strive to create designs that give our clients impressive results and maximize their budgets by managing raw material waste, increasing manufacturing productivity, and implementing creative concepts.
  3. We only sell products made out of brand new, Grade A components with quality memory. Customer satisfaction and product reliability matter the most to us, and we can guarantee our products will perform as expected every time our customers use them.
  4. We will provide FREE rendering of the design in 3D so our clients will better see what they will be getting before the production process begins.
  5. Customizing body style is easy, and creating eye-catching USB flash drives with our client’s brands on them is very satisfying to us.

Let us customize a USB flash drive for your company

There are many ways to use USB flash drives. For companies, in spite of some other cool inventions, they still perform valuable services.

Because of their utility, it has been reported that 91% of recipients in business who receive a USB flash drive as a gift will keep it. For inexpensive marketing, there aren’t many better ways for companies to keep their brand out there.

To learn more about custom USB flash drives or how MediaFast can help your company with other marketing materials, contact us today.

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