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Decision-maker receiving a video brochure.

Top 5 Ways Video Mailers Outperform Other Marketing Strategies

If you’re considering using video mailers, would it help you to know ways they outperform other marketing strategies?

From what we’ve found, people considering using them have usually received one from someone advertising to them and thought it was awesome. Definitely different from any other marketing or advertising media they’ve seen before. Then they thought something like Hmmm, maybe we should be using these for our company…

Or they’ve decided they want to use more effective marketing and need to modernize their strategy. Then they learned video marketing is the best way to go, and they want to be as successful as they can with it.

And to take that one step further, does that prompt you to think something like Why don’t we just send videos in emails or put them on our website? Maybe we could even include them in some pay-per-click ads. Well, while that thought makes sense, none of those strategies are very effective. To learn more, click Why You Should Ditch Pay-Per-Click For Video Brochures.

Presenting Video Brochures and Video Mailers

First, in case you aren’t familiar with video brochures or video mailers, here’s a short video of some we’ve created for clients.

And if you’re wanting to know the difference between video brochures and video mailers, it’s basically in the way they’re delivered. Specifically, video brochures get hand-delivered to targeted prospects or their assistants who pass them along. On the other hand, video mailers get mailed in custom packaging boxes to targeted prospects who may be challenging to reach for various reasons.

#1 – Video Mailers Don’t Get Ignored or Thrown Away

As you could see from the video above, video brochures and video mailers are far different than marketing and advertising media most people have ever seen. They’re modern and exciting. They stand out on desks and in mailboxes, and recipients usually appreciate receiving them.

Plus, as you probably already know, our world is full of marketers taking every measure they can digitally to reach their target audience. This electronic flood of promotions and sales content can be over-stimulating, which can feel like a turn off. Because of it, it has created a thirst for personalization like never before.

For example, remember when you were young and it was exciting when a piece of mail was delivered especially for you? Well, for a lot of people, that sensation has never really gone away…unless you can tell immediately that it’s junk mail. And video brochures and video mailers never get classified as junk mail. Instead, it’s quite the opposite.

Essentially, a tangible piece of mail falls into an entirely different category than an email…even if the email contains the same video. Tangible mail usually eliminates the feeling of ignoring a message, unlike the internet that has made that feeling common with so much spam, etc.

On top of that, we know that videos are more captivating than any other form of marketing. They’re engaging and tend to hold attention for longer than print marketing and motionless photos, without a doubt.

As a result, combining highly effective video marketing with personalized direct mail is a perfect formula for success. That’s one of the reasons why video mailers produce such high response rates, and such excellent ROI.

#2 – Video Mailers Provide High-Level Engagement

While mail is great, my guess is your business already sends out promotional materials in an effort to connect with its target audience. Am I right?

Considering that, if it does, would a video mailer hold more value than your other branded marketing media?

Well, allow me to answer that for you… Yes it would, and here’s why.

Marketers who use video mailers have benefited from 65% of recipients visiting their website soon after receiving them. Plus, 39% on average have called in response.

And for those who didn’t respond soon after receiving one, they were usually far more pleasant during follow-up. Their excuse for not responding right away was usually that they’d just been too busy, but they’ve kept the piece and intended to respond soon.

Does that sound like responses you get from traditional marketing materials? Probably not, right?

So, here’s a question for you: While pamphlets and postcards may equate to inexpensive marketing, how does it feel to know your money-saving efforts are most likely landing straight in the trash?

On the other hand, when prospective clients receive a more impressive piece like a video mailer, they know you’ve spent a significant amount of money, time, and effort trying to reach them. This makes them feel special, and your video mailer feels valuable. Then they open it rather than throw it away, which means they see, hear, and touch your message.

Furthermore, considering the appeal of video over text, your prospects will be able to sit back and watch your content instead of finding time to read it. Plus, in such an easy-to-digest format, they can even pass it along to other decision-makers without having to summarize.

#3 – Video Mailers Help Companies Stand Out

Marketing is important in business, and the goal of it always remains the same: To capture the attention of your target audience so they’ll think of your business first when they want or need whatever you sell.

To make that happen, doesn’t it make sense that it’s extremely helpful if your messages stand out from those of your competitors?

With that in mind, there has been a huge increase over the past five to ten years in companies marketing themselves on social media, especially with videos. Those posts have boosted digital noise to an all-time high. At the same time, even though companies are basically being forced to keep up with trends so they can stay relevant, the more they do what everyone else is doing, the more they blend in.

So, how can you avoid blending in? The solution is by doing things your competitors don’t. More specifically, by engaging targeted prospects with video brochures and video mailers.

Then there won’t be anymore of your targeted prospects scrolling past your ads because they simply blend in with everyone else’s. Neither will there be more of your email blasts getting ignored by recipients. Nor will there be more of your brand being forgotten two seconds after it was viewed by your most-likely-customers.

Instead, after they hold your video brochure or video mailer in their hands, they’ll start thinking and feeling things like WOW, this is amazing! And isn’t that more valuable than getting lost in the shuffle?

Highlighting A Video Mailer

Just to show another one, here’s an example of a video mailer we created for Reliance – Private Label Supplements.

#4 – Video Mailers Capitalize On The Power Of Videos

Simply put, video brochures and video mailers don’t get ignored. Also, unlike postcards, pamphlets, and print media that typically get used to engage target audiences, they actually grab attention and get shared around offices.

They don’t get thrown away either, and response rates to them blow away other marketing strategies.

For instance, we’ve had clients enjoy what they reported to be a 66% increase in response rates when compared to other strategies they’d been using. One even said they enjoyed a 70% increase in sales soon after theirs were distributed. Who wouldn’t love that?

However, rather than go on telling you about results, here’s a testimonial instead. To see more, click MediaFast testimonials.

This is from Jennifer Parks, COO for one of our clients. “We have worked with MediaFast since the middle of 2017 when we first tested their video brochure mailer against our control creative for one of our long standing multi-channel direct mail campaigns. Their video brochure outperformed our control increasing orders by 79.4%…”

#5 – Video Mailers Provide Big-Time Versatility

In addition to being wonderful for engaging targeted prospects with marketing and advertising messages, video brochures and video mailers can be used for so much more.

With sizes ranging from business cards to large portfolio books, they have enough space to include loads of information. On top of that, with video playing capabilities that can last for hours, tons and tons of video content can be included.

So, imagine this: You just bought something you have to assemble yourself, and it’s complicated—not a five or ten minute ordeal. Or, maybe you just purchased software or a machine of some sort, and by all estimations it’ll take you hours to learn how to use it. In all honesty, how excited would you be to go through their 50 or more page manual?

On the other hand, what if they sent you a training video to master it and it was in an attractive, hand-held piece like a video mailer? How impressive would that be, especially since the content could be segmented with multiple videos?

Then there wouldn’t be any need to contact customer service or scroll their website for training materials. Nor would you have to read so much just to learn or figure things out.

In other words, they’ll have delivered everything you need to know before you even had to ask. 

My guess is that customer service like that would leave you quite satisfied with the company and happy you purchased from them.

So, whether video mailers are used for training, invitations to conventions or events, sharing company reports, or distributing marketing messages to targeted prospects, they’re creative and much more modern than reading paragraph after paragraph of motionless text.

Successfully Connect With Your Target Audience

Okay, by now you’ve done enough reading. Instead, here’s me in a video showing and telling you more…

Get Excellent Video Mailers From MediaFast

So, why do we refer to ours as excellent? Because at MediaFast, we only use brand new, Grade-A components to make everything we sell. That ensures the best quality, and makes our video marketing products extremely reliable. We also keep our prices affordable, and include a one-year full warranty.

On top of that, as an added feature, we don’t lock video content on the units. Even though our competitors do, we don’t because we believe our clients should be able to change video content whenever they want. Then they don’t have to purchase new units anytime they want to present a different message, which saves them time and money.

And finally, we offer a recycling program. All anyone has to do to take advantage of it is send us any video marketing product that they no longer want to use. Then we’ll get it to a manufacturer who will recycle or repurpose it, meaning it won’t just wind up as garbage filling up a landfill.

After reading this, if you’d like to use video mailers to outperform your competitor’s marketing strategies, or to get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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