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This is a MediaBuk video business card.

Top Notch Video Brochures You Can Afford

Your company could benefit greatly from video brochures, and now we’ve made them more affordable so more companies can use them.

How we made top notch video brochures more affordable

We didn’t do this by compromising quality or creating an imitation version. All brand new video brochures come from China, and all of the video brochures we sell are made from brand new, Grade A components without any exceptions.

What we did do is create a way for cutting-edge video brochures to be customized after they are made and shipped to the United States. We keep generic versions in a warehouse so our customers can order them in any quantity, receive them faster, and customize them after they are received.

Because the units aren’t customized during the manufacturing process and because we don’t spend time loading video content onto each unit prior to shipping, we are able to sell them for less. Also, since they are shipped from our warehouse in the United States (often on the same day they are ordered), our customers are able to use them much sooner.

The customization process is very easy as well. To see how easy it is, please watch the following videos:

As you can see, customizing a MediaBük is simple and doesn’t take much time. Because of this, more companies can capitalize on video brochures while spending less money, and we’re fortunate to have invented a way to make it possible.

The different versions of MediaBük video brochures

Just like custom video brochures, each version of MediaBük grabs attention, impresses recipients, and delivers messages in an unforgettable way.

They are ideal for business (just like regular video brochures), but we also made versions to be used specifically for personal reasons as well.

MediaBük Business is excellent for business purposes and comes in three different sizes: Portfolio, Video Mailer and Video Business Card. All three are affordable, easy to customize, and produce outstanding ROI.

Memories MediaBük is exceptional for saving and sharing videos of memorable moments in an easy, fun and classy way.

Wedding MediaBük is outstanding for saving and sharing moments from “the big day”.

Funeral MediaBük is a classy way to commemorate the passing of a loved one. In a Funeral MediaBük, moments of their life can be spotlighted in video with a slideshow, music and a photo.

Graduation MediaBük is the perfect way to commemorate someone’s graduation day.

Holiday MediaBük is great for capturing the joy of the holidays. In it, video footage of families and friends can be stored and shared as the years go by and more special holiday moments transpire.

MediaBük – video brochures your company can afford

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed video brochures become a staple product for many companies. They are extremely versatile (click here to learn about the many different ways people use them), and the ROI they generate is almost impossible to beat.

Additionally, products with videos are much more attractive and appealing regardless of their purpose according to most people’s opinions. Videos engage more senses in humans than motionless words or images, and they often receive a better response from viewers.

Now, because of MediaBük, video brochures are much more affordable. To learn more about them or any of our other marketing products, contact us today.

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