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Trends For Point Of Purchase Displays In 2019

To ensure we offer the most cutting-edge products in marketing to our customers, we keep ourselves on the cutting edge of technology at MediaFast. Whether they’re interested in a Point of Purchase Display or any of the other marketing products we offer, they can get the best from us.

On top of that, we provide excellent customer service, considerable warehousing services, efficient shipping, and products made only with brand new, Grade A components to ensure the highest quality. We also offer outstanding product design as well as over 150 years of combined experience. Invariably, we’re thought of as a great asset to those who work with us.

With that said, one of the most popular products we offer is the Point of Purchase Display, commonly known as a POP Display, and we thought it would be interesting to share some trends we predict for POP Displays as 2019 comes to pass.

Predicted trends for Point of Purchase Displays in 2019

As much as we wish we had a crystal ball, we simply don’t. However, by analyzing what’s going on in the industry and relying on our team’s vast experience, we believe the following predictions will help companies be more successful as they determine how to use Point of Purchase Displays in 2019.

  1. Including videos will continue to increase effectiveness. Expect to see more screens and videos in POP Displays because they increase interest and enhance customer experience. Plus, in addition to increasing revenue, it’s less expensive to include them than it used to be.
  2. Customer interaction with Point of Purchase Displays will increase. Even though they could stay home and shop online, consumers are now more interested in an experience when they go shopping. Also, people like to experience interactions and be amused, and they also like to touch and feel most things before they buy them. For example, trying on clothes in stores or eating samples in Costco while shopping can be great fun. Accordingly, POP Displays allow more information to be presented and enable shoppers to get a better understanding of what products or services have to offer, and when designed right, POP Displays can be entertaining.
  3. Local data will begin to have a stronger impact on design. While it is true that good design, placement, color schemes, layout, and clear messages strongly impact the effectiveness of Point of Purchase Displays, marketers can expect to see data collected locally based on shopping decisions of local consumers to be just as important. For example, if a store has multiple locations in one large city, they will probably discover from analyzing marketing data that certain products or services sell better in some locations. That knowledge will most certainly impact the decisions companies make regarding how and where they use POP Displays.
  4. Stories told on POP Displays will greatly influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. Facts tell, stories sell. More than anything, people want to know how purchasing something will affect their lives. Stories provide an excellent way to keep people interested, and they also help consumers understand how their lives can be impacted by purchasing a particular product or service. If they can actually see something in action or learn how it has impacted others, the chances of them buying it increase substantially.
  5. There will be an increase in the number of POP Displays being used in “stores within stores”. Retail locations have begun to use one-stop shops in sections of their stores to display everything someone might need for a special event or holiday celebration. That being the case, Point of Purchase Displays will become even more used in designated sections of stores within stores to help products have a more clear, concise, and inviting presence to attract customers.

In the world we live in, where most people are targeted with hundreds of marketing messages daily, companies who effectively market their offerings to their most likely customers will enjoy great benefits for doing so. By considering the trends outlined above, we believe it will help companies make better decisions.

Point of Purchase Displays enhance retail settings

In retail settings, shoppers are much more likely to notice products or services being promoted on Point of Purchase Displays. They’re especially effective when product or service demonstrations are presented, and one of the greatest benefits they offer is that they improve the overall shopping experience for consumers in stores.

Regardless of whether videos are included (although we highly recommend them), POP Displays are highly effective at boosting interest and making sales. At the most opportune moments, a Point of Purchase Display can motivate a consumer to purchase something they may have forgotten they wanted or needed. Or, it can simply influence them enough to make an impulse purchase they hadn’t previously considered. That alone might boost revenue enough for companies to achieve the level of success they desire.

To learn more about Point of Purchase Displays or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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