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Two Elements Of An Effective Sales Video For Marketing Purposes

Using a sales video for marketing purposes has been a productive strategy for several years now. It works well mostly because of how well it converts prospects into customers. And, because videos are most people’s preferred method for learning about products, services, and opportunities, return on investment with them is reportedly outstanding.

Two Elements Of An Effective Sales Video

Obviously, the key to success with any marketing video is to get the right people to watch it. In addition to grabbing attention, videos have the ability to say and show more in less time. They also tend to be more trustworthy than other forms of communication.

With that said, here are two things that make a great impact on every potential buyer when they’re watching a sales video: empathy and authority.

To explain, empathy is because consumers want to know if the company presenting the video understands their pain. For instance, are they just trying to make a sale? Or, do they truly understand their frustrations?

With regards to authority, what they want to know is whether or not the company presenting the video is more competent than they are at solving their problem(s). Or, do they know more about their dilemmas and do they excel at solving them?

With that in mind, for a sales video to be great, it needs to include both empathy and authority. Then, when companies are wondering what strategy to use, rather than simply talking about how exceptional their company is or showing how great their product, service, or opportunity might be, it would be more effective for them to show their potential customers how well they understand their problems and how they excel at solving them.

Video Marketing Products Produce Excellent Results

As effective as videos can be, Video Marketing Products increase the number of times targeted prospects watch them. For example, Video Brochures, Video Mailers, Video Boxes, and Point Of Purchase Displays with videos have proven to increase the number of times a company’s target audience watches their videos. As a result, return on investment with them is outstanding. And, when companies use them to engage their most-likely-customers, they’re usually thrilled with the results.

So, why are they so effective? Mostly because they rarely ever get set aside or screened out before reaching decision-makers. Also, because recipients usually share them with others who influence their decisions, which increases their effectiveness. For these and other reasons, they’re well worth the money it costs to have them.

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