Understanding Reddit Blog

Understanding Reddit Blog

We have recently been highlighting some of the business uses of various social platforms, in order to give our readers help and suggestions for furthering their business or organization.  Business to business marketing doesn’t just have to revolve around the hugely popular sites like Facebook and Twitter, so this week we will be focusing on Reddit, a great social platform for finding and sharing new information.


Reddit is a user generated news site, meaning that users can create accounts, share content and vote/comment on stories and content.  The more votes that an article, story or piece of content gets, the higher it will feature on the website.  There are also various categories and communities that a user can subscribe to in order to focus on areas that interest them


With regard to business application, this site provides the perfect location to submit attention-grabbing industry news, which will give you the reputation of being a go-to source for information in your specific field.  As you comment on other people articles and news you will draw attention to your own brand or organization.


Reddit is like any other social networking site, I that there is etiquette in place that should be adhered to, and it’s important that you stick to those simple rules. Create new content or even re-purpose old stuff- the choice is yours!  For more information on how social networks can improve your reputation and online presence, contact us directly!