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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for Milia Marketing.

Unleashing The Power Of Video Mailers

If you own a company or work in marketing, are you aware of how impactful unleashing the power of video mailers could be for your business? If not, as the testimonials below will point out, they’re truly transformative as a marketing strategy.

Having said that, as marketing continues to evolve, staying ahead requires innovative strategies that captivate target audiences. Those strategies also need to deliver tangible results.

Thankfully, video mailers—a combination of traditional print marketing with engaging video content—were created for that very purpose. And they’ve been excellent at accomplishing it.

In this post, we’ll explore the impact video mailers have made while sharing real client testimonials. Our hope is that doing so will give you a comprehensive view of the transformative potential they can have on your company as well.

Demonstrating Video Mailers

Before sharing testimonials, here’s a short video demonstrating these revolutionary products.

Client Testimonials About The Power of Video Mailers

While we could simply tell you how effective video mailers are and toot our own horn while doing so, sharing real client testimonials feels like a better idea. So, with that said, here’s a few to start with describing the power of video in these hand-held marketing products.

“Partnering with MediaFast for our video mailer campaign was not just a strategic move for Milia Marketing; it was a transformative one. The impact was palpable, with the mailers not only being exceptionally well-received but also significantly boosting our engagement metrics. This initiative didn’t just resonate; it delivered a substantial return on investment, turning prospects into conversations and conversations into conversions.

Shannon’s expertise was instrumental from the outset, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Her commitment to excellence and the superior service quality of MediaFast distinguished them as our premier choice among vendors. For businesses aiming to make a profound impact and see tangible returns, I wholeheartedly recommend engaging with MediaFast and, in particular, with Shannon.” — Anthony Milia, Owner | Author | Award-Winning Digital Marketer

“To introduce our company as we expand into new markets, we have distributed the amazing video brochures created by MediaFast to hundreds of medical professionals across the US. These video brochures have led to meaningful leads and helped us establish lasting relationships with offices that might not have worked with us otherwise. Thank you, Andrea and Bill, for your timely communication, professionalism, and quality product. We look forward to a continued partnership with MediaFast for many years to come…” — Abby Albers, IVX Health

Valuable Insight About Marketing

Before sharing more testimonials, here’s some valuable insight about marketing. If this gets you thinking, just know it tends to do the same with other company owners and marketers.

More Client Testimonials About Video Mailers

“The video cards are fantastic! They can be directly correlated to gains in sales! Highly recommended.” — Chris Kiernan, Happy Client

“We ordered some video brochures for one of our specialty dental clinics to help generate referrals. This is a great method to get your message noticed in a way that won’t get easily overlooked or discarded like a traditional postcard. MediaFast was a pleasure to work with through the development process of our brochures. Our project was put on hold at one time after we got the ball rolling, and our rep was really great at regularly touching base and making sure we stay on track. And they worked with our timeline and weren’t pushy at all. Highly recommend MediaFast if you’re looking for a unique way to promote your business.” — Aubree Williams, Marketing Director, Enhance Dental

“MediaFast is an incredible company to work with when it comes to custom designing a unique marketing tool. From customer service to the product itself, MediaFast was fabulous from the start of the process to the finishing product. They helped us design and produce a show-stopping video brochure that has quickly become one of our most cherished and popular resources. From the quality of the brochure to the screen resolution of the videos, we couldn’t be happier with the service provided by MediaFast!” — Alissa Steele, Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

Purposes For Video Mailers

Do your salespeople have prospects who are super hard to engage? Well, when it comes to engaging those types of potential customers, video mailers have become an ideal solution.

We believe that’s mostly because many decision-makers just haven’t seen them yet. And ones who have haven’t necessarily been recipients of one. However, as soon as anyone experiences one in person, they’re captivating—effectively meaning these products blow away any other type of marketing most people have ever experienced.

So, what are some purposes for using these “TV commercials you can hold in your hands”? The following list describes several purposes we’ve had clients enjoy great success with.

  • Engaging targeted prospects: Sales pitches and company commercials sometimes get ignored or aren’t viewed by the right people. However, video mailers perform like superstars for this purpose.
  • Product launches: Presenting details about new products, services, or opportunities in video mailers helps companies make their messages more interesting and memorable. They also tend to escalate their perceived value.
  • Event invitations: Invitations often get lost in digital clutter, but video mailers provide a tangible way to ensure that doesn’t happen. They also tend to increase excitement.
  • Corporate training and communications: Whether it’s to convey important updates, company achievements, or present training information, video mailers offer a more engaging and personalized experience for employees and independent contractors.
  • Door-openers for salespeople: Sometimes prospects don’t reply to phone calls, emails, or print marketing media. However, from our client’s experiences, when video mailers get distributed, response rates are as high as 66%. And for ones who don’t, they’re suddenly much more receptive during follow-up.

While there are other purposes for using them, those are the most common we’ve seen.

Get Industry-Leading Video Mailers From MediaFast

The testimonials shared above offer insight on the impact video mailers have had on our clients across diverse industries. From boosting engagement metrics to generating meaningful leads and making lasting impressions on recipients, those success stories speak volumes about the power of video mailers.

That said, as many of the Google reviews we’ve received point out, we’ve emerged as the industry leader in video marketing products, often outshining our competitors and delivering excellence from concept to execution.

To help illustrate that as I wrap things up, here’s one last testimonial.

“My team and I have been wanting to get some video brochures made to better market our company for a while now, and when we came across MediaFast, we finally decided to take the leap and start the process. The process turned out to be so quick and smooth, and Marc and his team are so knowledgeable, kind, and they were very helpful. The customer service was top-tier from beginning to end. Marc even followed up after to confirm that we not only received our brochures but that my team and I were happy with the outcome as well, which doesn’t happen often with companies these days. We will be using MediaFast for all of our brochure needs in the future. Thank you, Marc and team!” — Kira Navison, Marketing Director, Scattaglia Growers and Shippers

After reading this, if you’d like to unleash the power of video mailers for your company, or get a FREE SAMPLE, contact us today.

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