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This is a group of USB flash drives made by MediaFast.

USB Flash Drives and The Cloud Shine In Concert

Surprisingly to some, The Cloud has not made USB Flash Drives irrelevant. On the contrary, USB Flash Drives are still necessary for some purposes and they’re still quite popular in some professions. For example, computer technicians rely on them heavily. So do companies who insist on using the best resources to keep their important data from being accessed or tampered with by others. Further below there is much more about this characteristic about USB Flash Drives.

Truthfully, USB Flash Drives and The Cloud work well together like instruments in a concert. They both do things the other cannot, and they both offer great value in helping users accomplish important matters that sometimes require them to be used together.

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Why USB Flash Drives Are Still Very Important

USB is the most commonly used interface for attaching just about anything to desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones. It is also the most efficient way to recharge batteries in electronic devices.

On top of that, when used for swag, USB flash drives make a greater impact than pens because they give recipients something they can use that they may not already have. As long as companies put something on them that’s interesting enough to watch, recipients will usually watch them.

As stated above, The Cloud cannot do all of the same things USB flash drives can do. They complement each other well, and here are some reasons why one isn’t going to make the other obsolete anytime soon:

  • The Cloud requires an internet connection while USB flash drives do not.
  • The Cloud, while excellent for storing and sharing data, is limited to mostly those two purposes.
  • USB flash drives can run software applications and operating systems directly from the units themselves, such as MS Word, WordPad, Notepad, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Power Point, Keynotes, Auto CAD, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel, Real Player, Media Player, Microsoft Windows, Apple’s MacOS, iOS, Chrome OS, BlackBerry Tablet OS and Linux.
  • The Cloud allows for quick, easy access to stored data that can be edited via any device with an internet connection.
  • USB flash drives require a user to use an electronic device with a USB port to access and edit data.
  • The Cloud does not offer a physical way to keep data safe (anyone with login credentials can access it from anywhere with an internet connection).
  • USB flash drives offer an excellent way to keep data physically safe because they’re small, easy to hide, and usually durable.
  • The Cloud allows for restricted access to data by the service provider. Each Cloud service provider has its own conditions for users to meet before they access data.
  • USB flash drives allow access to be restricted by the owners/users themselves (if they choose).
  • The Cloud doesn’t make an impact in marketing because it is not a physical device that can display a logo, branding, or any other marketing content specific to companies who use it.
  • USB flash drives are physical devices that can make an impact in marketing because they can be designed to display a company’s logo, branding, and other information about them.

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MediaFast Offers The Best USB Flash Drives

At MediaFast, quality and customer satisfaction matter most to us. We keep ourselves on the cutting-edge of technology and only use brand new, Grade A components to make all of our marketing products. On top of that, we are considered to be a great company resource by companies who work with us.

From our experience, cheap USB flash drives break down or wear out much faster than well made, competitively priced ones. We believe USB flash drives will remain relevant for many years to come, and ours are built to last.

To learn more about USB flash drives or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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