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This is a MediaFast USB flash drive for Wren Kitchens.

USB Flash Drives Are Perfect For Many Purposes

In today’s digital world, companies now use USB flash drives instead of relying so much on printed materials for marketing, data storage, and many other purposes. It has been reported that 91% of people who receive a USB flash drive keep it because of its utility. By using USB flash drives, companies and individuals often enjoy a boost in efficiency, image, and exposure.

What are USB flash drives?

USB flash drives are small, portable devices that plug into a computer’s USB port. Like a hard disk, they store information, but with a flash drive, data can easily be transferred from one computer to another. The term “flash” refers to flash memory, which means the digital information can be written, erased, and then rewritten quickly.

Together, a USB flash drive is a fast way to store data and seamlessly move files on and off of devices. Furthermore, because USB flash drives are so small, they can be attached to keychains or easily fit into pockets making them easily transportable.

When a USB flash drive saved a life

Remember the scene in Iron Man when Pepper went into Obadiah’s office to see if he was actually plotting against Tony Stark? To her surprise, when she sifted through the stored files on his computer, she found a video from some terrorists proving that Obadiah was responsible for Tony Stark’s abduction. Then, when Obadiah came in and saw her, fortunately she was copying the files onto a nifty little device because imagine what would have happened had she been printing them instead…. The movie would have gone very differently. Anyway, because USB flash drives are so small, she managed to hide what she was doing and escape with the evidence.

Ways to use USB flash drives

While that example highlights how USB flash drives can be perfect in covert operations, they are also perfect for many other purposes. Here are examples:

  1. Promotional tools – They can be customized to make memorable giveaway items and give a brand continued visibility when a recipient uses a flash drive in the presence of others. Company swag works!
  2. Data storage – They are convenient ways to store data that can be taken anywhere.
  3. As business cards – Handing someone a USB flash drive programmed with photos, videos, and other relevant content is a great way to start a new relationship.
  4. Resumes – A resume on a USB flash drive can be perfect for job hunting and help an applicant stand out above others.
  5. Portfolios – Photographers, artists, designers, and other professions that market themselves with images can benefit from having portfolios on USB flash drives.
  6. Video advertisements – Videos have become the newest and greatest way to connect with targeted prospects and reach consumers.
  7. Catalogues – Potential customers can put a USB flash drive containing a company’s catalogue in their pocket instead of carrying around a paper catalogue and then pop it into their computer whenever they’re ready to check it out. This can be particularly helpful for companies with an extensive product catalog that would require hundreds of pages to print.
  8. Direct Mail Promotions – Mailing a custom USB flash drive is an inexpensive way to pique a customer’s interest and invite them to take a look at what you have stored on the drive.
  9. Training – It can be expensive for companies to gather employees into one live setting. With USB flash drives, companies can control the quality of the training presented and individuals can watch when it is best for them.
  10. Orientation – Flash drives have plenty of storage to include welcome letters, employee handbooks, and other important policy information. Putting this information on a flash drive allows it to be easily accessed or transferred to a computer or other device for quick reference. It also provides employees or students with a quality branded flash drive they can use for future projects.
  11. Product demonstrations – Research has proven people learn better and are impressed more with videos.
  12. Testimonials – Videos make testimonials much more impactful by combining sight, sound, and motion.
  13. Recruiting – Video tours and sales pitches can be presented impressively with USB flash drives.
  14. Keepsakes – Photos, special events, certificates, and various keepsakes fit perfectly and safely into USB flash drives.
  15. Musical performances – Both fans and musicians can keep performances to share and watch on USB flash drives.
  16. Sharing presentations – Having a copy of a presentation on a USB flash drive is the perfect way to allow an audience to look back at a presentation. It also gives the opportunity for a presentation to be referenced again in the future as well as shared with others who may not have been able to attend the original presentation.

Whatever your marketing vision, you can use a customized USB flash drive to realize it. Also, remember, after recipients view the content on your USB flash drive, they can reprogram it with something for themselves. Your company brand will still be on it, and that will help reinforce a positive image of your brand in their minds and keep them thinking of you.

At MediaFast, we’ve customized many USB flash drives for companies who have used them successfully. To learn more, contact us today.

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