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This is a MediaFast USB flash drive for Wren Kitchens.

USB Flash Drives Are Still Extremely Useful

Yes, USB flash drives are still extremely useful. While this may sound surprising, unless the need for security disappears or the internet becomes available everywhere at all times, USB flash drives will continue to play an important role in the tech dependent world we live in.

USB Flash Drives Are Still Extremely Useful

What might seem the most surprising to some people is that The Cloud simply cannot provide all of the same benefits USB flash drives can provide. Instead, while they complement each other well, one is not going to make the other irrelevant anytime soon. To learn more, click this link: USB Flash Drives Are Still Popular In 2019

Over the last several years, significant improvements have been made in USB flash drives to improve their read and write speed. For users, this has created an impressive decrease in the amount of time it takes to transfer files between computers and USB flash drives. On top of that, there are several reasons why many professionals still have a need for USB flash drives, and some couldn’t do their jobs without them.

Rather than go into that though, here is a list of ways many people still use USB flash drives in 2019:

  1. Promotional tools – USB flash drives are excellent for marketing and branding, and we encourage our customers to customize them so they’ll be even more effective for those purposes.
  2. Data storage – They are practically the safest place to store data and they are easy to transport just about anywhere.
  3. Resumes – A resume on a USB flash drive is a tech savvy way for applicants to help themselves stand out above others.
  4. Portfolios – They provide an excellent way for photographers, artists, designers, and other professionals to store and share their portfolios.
  5. Catalogues – They allow companies to make a digital version of their product catalog and conveniently share it with their most likely customers instead of printing an extensive product catalog and then having to pay for ways to get it into their hands. This can save thousands of dollars, and USB flash drives are easier to distribute.
  6. Training – While it can sometimes be expensive for companies to gather employees all in one location for a live training, they can instead share training videos on USB flash drives so their employees can watch the videos whenever it is best for them.
  7. Orientation – Putting welcome letters, employee handbooks, and other important policy information on a USB flash drive allows users to access it or transfer it to any computer for quick and easy reference. Also, when policies or procedures change, updating the content in a USB flash drive is much easier and less expensive than creating, designing, and printing new documents.
  8. Testimonials – Video testimonials more impactful than written testimonials (even if motionless images are included).
  9. Recruiting – Video tours and sales pitches are often more impressive when presented in USB flash drives.
  10. Keepsakes – Photos, special events, certificates, and other keepsakes fit safely on USB flash drives and are much easier to store and access when a trip down memory lane is what a user desires.
  11. Musical performances – Fans and musicians can keep performances on USB flash drives to share and watch them whenever they want.
  12. Sharing presentations – Having a copy of a presentation on a USB flash drive is an excellent way for companies to allow an audience to review it, especially if they weren’t able to attend the live presentation.
  13. Reliability for repairs – USB flash drives can hold bootable versions of operating systems. Because of this, if a hard drive fails, a user who has a stored version of their computer’s operating system on a USB flash drive doesn’t have to take their computer to a repair shop to get it fixed. Instead, they can usually make the repairs themselves.

Get Excellent USB Flash Drives From MediaFast

At MediaFast, quality and customer satisfaction matter the most to us. We only use brand new, Grade A components in all of the marketing products we sell, and we are dedicated to keeping ourselves on the cutting-edge of technology so we can offer only the best to our customers.

From our experience, cheap USB flash drives break down or wear out much faster than well made, competitively priced USB flash drives. If you still use them and would prefer to use the best available, we’d love to hear from you.

To learn about custom USB flash drives or any of the other marketing products we offer, contact us today.

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