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USB Flash Drives are Still Popular in 2019

USB flash drives have continued to play an important role in business for many professionals, and in 2019, we still sell a lot of them.

Why we still sell a lot of USB Flash Drives

Even in 2019, many professionals still rely heavily on USB flash drives. Computer repair technicians use them regularly, and tech-savvy individuals prefer to have them around for several reasons. In fact, they’re practically irreplaceable for some purposes.

As technology has improved, storage capacities in them have become enormous. Design capabilities have improved as well, which has enabled companies to make USB flash drives even more eye-catching and effective than ever before for marketing and branding purposes.

So, despite what some people might think, why are USB flash drives still wanted and needed in 2019? To summarize, the following reasons make it fairly easy to understand. They’re excellent for security, privacy, and data management. They’re small, lightweight, easy to hide, and easy to use. They’re also versatile, speedy, and affordable. It is for these reasons we expect USB flash drives to continue to be necessary and useful for many years to come.

USB Flash Drives are still necessary even with The Cloud

Despite what some people may think, The Cloud simply doesn’t provide all of the same benefits USB flash drives provide. Fundamentally, it just can’t. If you’re curious about why, here is a list of some of their major differences:

  • The Cloud requires an internet connection.
  • USB flash drives do not require an internet connection.
  • The Cloud is limited mostly to storing and sharing data.
  • In addition to storing and sharing data, USB flash drives can run software applications and operating systems directly from electronic devices such as MS Word, WordPad, Notepad, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Power Point, Keynotes, Auto CAD, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel, Real Player, Media Player, Microsoft Windows, Apple’s MacOS, iOS, Chrome OS, BlackBerry Tablet OS and Linux.
  • The Cloud allows for quick, easy access to stored data that can be edited as long as users have login credentials.
  • USB flash drives allow access to be restricted by the owners/users themselves (if they choose).
  • Service providers allow restricted access to The Cloud, and each service provider has its own conditions for users to meet before they can access data.
  • USB flash drives require a user to use an electronic device with a USB port to access and edit data.
  • The Cloud does not offer a physical way to keep data safe (anyone with login credentials can access it).
  • USB flash drives provide possibly the best way to keep data physically safe because they’re small, easy to hide, and usually durable.
  • The Cloud is not a physical device, which means it isn’t helpful for marketing or branding purposes.
  • USB flash drives are physical devices that make a solid impact in marketing and branding because they can be designed to display logos and other information about companies.

While there are other differences, these are the most basic. They describe why The Cloud and USB flash drives are expected to be wanted and needed for many years to come, and they indicate there should continue to be a demand for them for the foreseeable future.

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