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Custom USB Flash Drives

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We Can Customize A USB Flash Drive For Your Company

MediaFast offers affordable USB flash drives to meet various needs and most budgets, and we would love to customize one for your company.

In today’s digital world, companies use USB flash drives for marketing, data storage, and many other purposes instead of relying so much on printed materials. By using USB flash drives, companies and individuals often enjoy a boost in efficiency, image, and exposure.

It has been reported that 91% of people in business who are given a USB flash drive keep it because of its utility. When companies give a USB flash drive to their clients, they give them a gift they can reuse, often appreciate, and their more tech-savvy clients love.

What are USB flash drives?

USB flash drives are small, portable devices that plug into any computer’s USB port. Like a hard disk, they store information. However, with a flash drive, data can be easily transferred from one computer to another very quickly.

The term “flash” refers to flash memory, which means the digital information can be written, erased, and then replaced in a flash. Furthermore, because USB flash drives are so small, they can be attached to keychains or comfortably fit into pockets making them easily transportable.

USB Flash Drive Memory – Go Small or HUGE

USB Flash Drives come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, colors, and memory capacity. Memory sizes range from a compact 64MB card to a whopping 256GB. Our flash drives are manufactured by the very best in the industry utilizing only brand new, grade A memory chips.

The print quality we render is second to none! All MediaFast USB flash drives include silkscreen printing, data loading, and bulk packaging. We can even help during the design process to ensure your final product is like you want. And, to further reduce your costs, we can mail your USB flash drives to your customers.

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Custom packaging solutions are available!

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