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This is a MediaFast Video Box for Indoggo Gin.

Use A Video Box Like Snoop Dogg To Boost Sales

To boost sales or launch a new product, a Video Box is the way to go. It’ll help you create a WOW factor that’ll produce response rates like you’ve always wanted… And as a marketer, it’ll make you look brilliant.

Snoop Dogg’s Video Box

Rapper and actor Snoop Dogg recently released a strawberry-infused gin called Indoggo Gin. To learn about it — and see a super cool website — click that link.

According to connoisseurs, it stands out from other gins in that it’s light on juniper flavor while having notes of strawberry and citrus with a slightly sweet and fruity finish. To perfect it, Snoop took two years to develop its taste, and he’s been rewarded for his patience with rave reviews and consumer satisfaction.

Nevertheless, when deciding how to launch it, his marketing agency wanted to create a splash while engaging influencers and potential customers in a classy, extraordinary way. After discovering Video Boxes from MediaFast, their decision became instantly easy.

The one his team designed included branded swag along with a bottle of Indoggo Gin. It also included branded glasses and a beautiful classic car replica—worthy of Snoop Dogg’s style. From what the agency reported, their response rates were excellent.

Here’s a short clip highlighting the Video Box…without the swag (sorry).

Videos Make a Huge Impact on Consumers

Seriously, as a consumer, don’t you appreciate it when videos explain products? It’s usually better than reading… At least at first, right? Then, if a video sparks your interest, reading to learn more specific details might feel more appealing.

And here’s another question: When you try to show something to a family member or friend, don’t videos make those conversations easier too? If you’re like most of us, that’s an easy yes as well.

So, why is that? Well, first it’s because videos are simply more interesting. They also feel like less work than reading, and they’re usually not boring…at least as long as they’re fairly short.

Then, when you factor in how much more efficient they are — meaning they can usually show and tell much more information in 30 seconds or less than pages and pages of motionless text and images — it’s easy to understand why videos are so effective in marketing.

Examples of Video Swag Boxes

Here’s a short clip we recently made to showcase Video Boxes we’ve created for clients. They’re just another example of how technology is increasingly incorporating videos since they’re so powerful in sales and marketing.

Videos are Extremely Effective With Samples and Gifts

The following list includes reasons why videos are super effective with samples and gifts. If you’re a marketer who wasn’t already aware of Video Boxes, hopefully this list will help you want to start using them soon to impact influencers and consumers.

  • Facts tell, stories sell…and videos tell stories much better than motionless content.
  • Videos are easier to trust than motionless words and images.
  • Most people don’t like to read much anymore.
  • Video animation can explain practically anything, even complex topics.
  • Even lazy consumers tend to respond to videos because of the emotions they arouse.
  • Decision-makers who are hard-to-reach often make time to watch marketing videos.
  • ROI from videos is typically higher than marketing strategies that don’t include them.

For these and other reasons, we’ve had clients enjoy as high as a 66% response rate to Video Brochures and Video Boxes. One even reported a 70% increase in sales after theirs were distributed… And your company could do the same.

Do Your Best Marketing With A Video Box From MediaFast

At MediaFast, we’ve seen how Video Boxes enhance the presentations of samples and gifts. Response rates to them are extraordinary, and marketing professionals have elevated their careers simply by using them.

With that said, sending one to influencers or your target audience with samples or gifts could be one of your best business decisions ever.

After all, who wouldn’t want to use a marketing piece that typically produces a response rate of 60% or higher? Or one that influencers have used in Instagram posts because they’re blown away after receiving them?

And when you follow up, it’s practically like picking low-hanging fruit…just like you’ve always wanted. Aren’t those fun conversations?

After reading this, if you’d like to use a Video Box to boost sales or launch a new product, contact us today.

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