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This is a MediaFast video brochure and video mailer for The Eifrig Group.

Use Video Brochures To Energize Salespeople

Having video brochures will help salespeople feel energized and also make sales trainings much more effective. In fact, introducing video brochures as part of sales and training strategies has impacted companies for the better in substantial ways for a few years now.

How video brochures energize salespeople

A fairly common criticism about salespeople is they often act like “walking and talking product brochures”. Another criticism is some of them are obviously only out for money and aren’t very concerned with how much their product or service will help a potential buyer. Also, for a salesperson, their profession can sometimes be intimidating, rejecting, and demoralizing.

A fantastic way to make the sales process more pleasant for all parties is to use video brochures. They help companies represent themselves better. They help salespeople feel more relaxed and confident while also allowing them to talk less. And, for the potential buyer, video brochures allow them to feel more in control of the sales process and help them allow the product or service to be pitched to them.

Video brochures are cutting edge pieces of technology that grab attention, entertain viewers, and help companies who use them stand out from their competitors. To learn more, here are 10 Reasons Your Company Needs Video Brochures and Video Brochures Are Perfect For Sales.

How video brochures improve sales trainings

Companies spend a lot of money training salespeople and there is tremendous value in preparing employees for optimal performance. What companies have learned is that traditional sales training is often not enough.

In traditional sales training, there is usually someone standing in front of an audience in a hotel ballroom or an auditorium somewhere. They review new sales materials and techniques, and then everyone leaves feeling re-energized and motivated to accomplish great feats.

However, that re-energized and motivated state of mind often doesn’t last very long. Those in attendance either forget some of the information they learned, don’t get enough practice during the training to feel completely confident, or have one bad experience cause them to revert back to feeling how they did before the training ever took place.

Video brochures offer a more effective alternative. With them, training videos can be shared so salespeople and managers can review them as often as they’d like. Also, live trainings can be recorded and then given to all of those in attendance so they can review what they’ve experienced and better remember the information. To learn more, here is Video Brochures Are Ideal For Training.

MediaFast video brochures will help your company

Video brochures are producing excellent results for companies using them for sales, fundraising, networking, recruiting, training, branding and other purposes.

By purchasing video brochures from MediaFast, companies give themselves the best tools available to reach their most likely customers with impressive and memorable presentations.

The companies who have bought from us firmly believe their video brochures are worth every penny. Statistics indicate they create the best ROI, and we highly recommend them for almost any company.

At MediaFast, we understand how important it is for companies to spend their money wisely, and we know video brochures help salespeople feel energized and also make sales trainings much more effective.

To learn more about video brochures, contact us today.

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